Former President of Gambia agreed to cede power to a successor

Yahya Jammeh

Lost the election the President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh, who headed the Republic since 1994, has agreed to resign and leave the country. Reuters said Mai Ahmed Fattah, Advisor to the new President Adam barrow.

Fattah showed the tweet to the Twitter account, which, as expected, belongs to the barrow, and asked for clarification, is it true that Jammeh agreed to the deal. “So it is,” he said.

Presidential elections in the Gambia were held on 1 December 2016. Barrow scored 45.5 percent of the vote, Jammeh 36.7 percent. January 18, the national Assembly extended the presidential powers lost the election Jammeh. He had to hand over power barrow on January 19, but instead introduced a state of emergency, although earlier it was reported about the recognition of his defeat.

The world community has not recognized the claims of the Jamma, and the neighbors of the Gambia began a military intervention. Thursday, December 19, in the Gambian Embassy in Senegal’s capital Dakar was inaugurated barrow. On the same day, troops of the Economic community of West African countries (ECOWAS), attacked military installations of the Gambia, without meeting the resistance. On the night of January 20, Senegal and Nigeria have declared the entry of his troops into Gambia.

A few hours before the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the barrow, allowing ECOWAS to do everything necessary to ensure a change of government in the Gambia.