Finger on the trigger: why trump will not remove Russia from the sight

All you can breathe again – Donald trump officially became the 45th President of the United States of America and have lived the day. We will not dissemble, for Russia is its purpose if not iconic, but gives some hope for the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington. But we should not delude ourselves – the first appointment of new administration of the White house was the approval of the head of the Pentagon, retired General James Mattis, known by the nickname “Mad dog” and a fierce criticism of Russia.



General Mattis doesn’t really like Russiaas well as all the other countries that do not fit into the American concept of world domination. He was repeatedly subjected to obstruction our policy on Syria, Ukraine, the Baltic States, believes that Russia is actively trying to break up NATO and made “Europeans stick their heads in the sand”. The “Mad dog”, despite sharp criticism of Russia notes the importance of dialogue in conflict resolution. And that his biggest worry is the lack of dialogue between Washington and Moscow. The General emphasizes that the most difficult problem for the US is China, but in the near future the most dangerous for America, allegedly.



And the new us President trump, appointing Mattis of the Pentagon, in fact, outlined its position in relation to Russia – we are to be friends, but your finger off the trigger trigger to shoot will not. I don’t think this “revelation” is not aware of the Supreme leadership of Russia and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. Therefore, no special delight from neither President Vladimir Putin nor defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the election trump was not followed: “Will work. As with all the others. First and foremost the interests of his country.” Right!



Well, what does Donald trump for the world, and of America?


“Now a lot of talk about trump and what he can not, – said political analyst Alexander Zimovsky. – So in the next few days on the streets of Russia will be closely from the experts on constitutional law of the United States. The field for these professionals untilled, though, because in the framework of its powers, and no one is coordinating, trump can assign about a thousand officials. Camlough for a long time, calling witnesses the spirits of Lincoln and even the founding fathers.



Well, in General, there is in this something of a Western. Big white chief from Washington, sitting in a stone bigwave at the end station of the Pennsylvania railroad, smoke a big peace pipe smoke which disappear and sanctions… And then a reasonable reader immediately wants to know what smoke all these experts.


More important for us to understand whether the President’s trump to fulfill his campaign promises. While all indications are that he really intends to do a lot of what is said to their constituents. But 99% of his campaign rhetoric is the political and economic situation in the United States.



“Washington to drain the swamp!” it was trump slogan. Now everyone is waiting for, where will he start. Of course, all of America is waiting for what will come intelligent, honest, non-corrupt, and Make America Great Again (will Make America great again). But what to do with the Washington fools, thieves and corrupt officials? In Alabama, cotton to collect or Sunny Alaska to learn?


On the background of this fascinating intrigue the interest of America’s relations with the outside world in America is heavily faded. Of course, we support him here at home, the media are trying hard to create the impression that the President trump sleeps with a globe of Ukraine and in the morning smear sandwich with the thought “how is our Russian people?” This is a typical misconception aberration range, if you will. And these are all experts on the American Constitution, which I mentioned above, they both talk? They argue elliptically, that is, rule out the arguments that, allegedly, well-known and are a matter of course. Remember, the poet, which is our all: “Tatiana in the woods, a bear it.”


In this elliptical verbal constructions out, focus, see, and I quote, “Putin promised us that trump will lift the sanctions”. Well, here’s how? Putin is not promised, and would not promise, and trump was not trying to promise. But experts believe. And so on all the items on the agenda of Russian-American relations can go. And it turns out that we rely on known changes in our relationship, but the swamp is also necessary to drain.


I feel that trump has managed to make an attractive foreign policy part of his agenda precisely because they have made it clear – he intends to end the situation, when all sorts of small obscure politicians from unknown countries are trying its agenda to make the American agenda. But trump says: no, not anymore, it’s your problem.



This approach unties his hands to drain the local swamps us. Anyway, the key word of the President of trump – again (again). It’s kind of like “we had a great epoch” or “crunch French bread”. Here we each other perfectly understand. Once understood, it will be easier to negotiate. And let’s not interfere with the Donald to restore America’s right.”


As for the “restore order in the world”, which was essential for the departed Obama, the new US administration headed by Donald trump, at least according to a White house statement, is not going to look for enemies abroad.


“The world should know that we are not moving abroad in search of enemies that we are always glad when old enemies become friends, when old friends become allies,” the statement said the new US administration. Administration foreign policy trump suggests the principle of “peace through strength” and a top priority is to “defeat” the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia – approx.ed).



Trump with the warning that the United States cannot allow other countries to overtake their military capability. We are talking primarily about China and Russia, whose armies occupy second and third place in military capabilities and the US Army will continue to be funded – the new President is already planning to submit to the Congress a new generous military budget. The trump hopes to develop and implement a new missile defense system to protect the country from such States as Iran and North Korea. Its predecessor with the same intentions and objectives has deployed a missile defense system against Russia and China.


In General, let us not delude ourselves – the 45th President of the United States to care exclusively about the interests of their country and ignore the other, if it would be beneficial. Actually, none of it else and not waiting.


Author: Victor Sokirko.

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