Chelsea manning thanked Barack Obama for a commutation of sentence

Chelsea Manning

A former soldier of the us army Chelsea manning thanked President Barack Obama for leniency. She wrote about this in his microblog in Twitter on Thursday, January 19.

“Thank you, Barack Obama, gave me the chance,” reads the entry.

Chelsea Manning (@xychelsea)
19 January 2017, 14:09

BBC News notes that the recipient of gratitude, Barack Obama personally, as in the message specified the address of his own microblog, and not the official account of the President of the United States, which Friday, January 20, will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the elected President of Donald trump.

The informant of WikiLeaks, U.S. army private Bradley manning, later had a sex change, was arrested in may 2010. He was accused of transfer of about 700 thousand classified documents relating to US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The most famous leak was a 39-minute video showing the killing of American military Iraqi civilians.

In August 2013, manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Later in prison he achieved the legal recognition of himself as a woman named Chelsea. During the time spent in custody, according to lawyers, convicted, made two attempts of suicide.

18 January 2017, two days before the end of his presidency, Barack Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea manning. She formally had to serve only seven-year term, the informant will be released on 17 may 2017.