Veterans were left without a ball the day of the inauguration of the trump

Ball for veterans, timed to the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump, canceled. As explained by the policy Advisor and organizer of the event Luis quiñones (Luis Quinonez), the decision was taken on the basis of “security reasons, and also because of the uncontrolled circumstances”, writes The Washington Post.

At the same time, informed source indicates that the conduct of the party under the name Veterans Making America Great Again, fell through due to financial difficulties.

Quiñones confirmed that such problems had indeed taken place. According to him, the Marriott Marquis (Washington), where on 20 January had to be the ball, received a 50% Deposit. But then the hotel management demanded within half an hour a check for the remaining amount. Event organizers have suspended the transaction, but by the time they were ready to make a payment by Bank transfer, they were informed that “the requirements for the security of the event is not fulfilled.”

Quiñones expressed regret in connection with the incident. He said that the event was sold 450 tickets at $ 300 and sponsors have booked a few tables, paying 10 thousand dollars. All the money will be returned to their owners, said quiñones. Representative Marriott on its part has refused to discuss with the media details of business agreements.

What “security measures” in question is still not clear, says The Washington Post.

The publication also drew attention to the fact that the prom veterans — the event is informal, his organization was not involved in the presidential inaugural Committee. While quiñones, announcing the event, promised that he would attend the elected head of state Donald trump and Vice-President Michael Pence with families.

The inauguration ceremony of the trump will be held on January 20.