The meeting in Astana will strengthen the participation of the armed opposition in negotiations – foreign Ministry

Moscow hopes that a new meeting on Syria to secure the participation of the armed opposition in the negotiation process. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following the meeting with the colleague from Kazakhstan.


Agreed to continue discussions on the Syrian settlement at the new site in Astana was reached on the initiative of Vladimir Putin. Meeting scheduled for 23rd January and will be held under the auspices of the three countries – Russia, Iran and Turkey.


“The task of the guarantor countries to sit at the table the government and the delegation of the armed opposition, armed opposition, because it still was not in the framework of the UN efforts, and give them the opportunity to negotiate with the mediation of representatives of the United Nations,” said Lavrov.


Lavrov commented on and what is happening in Palmyra. The militants took the ancient city and destroy the famous monuments. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry called their actions are barbaric and the very ideology of the terrorists is unacceptable to modern civilization. It is known that the Islamists have blown up some unique artifacts. Among them the world famous ancient amphitheatre and Tetra-pylon, consisting of 16 columns.


Government forces are now trying to dislodge the terrorists from the ancient city. President Bashar al-Assad suggested that the militants captured Palmyra, with the help of the United States. Allegedly, American intelligence was able to guide terrorists in the most vulnerable places of the city.

Photo: Press service of the President of Russia