The manufacturers of false documents for terrorists received sentences in Belgium

The Belgian court issued a verdict against 14 members of a criminal group, engaged in production of false documents. It is reported by

One of the members of the gang sentenced to a suspended, 13 remaining in prison from three to eight years. Besides, they are all fined between 18 to 60 thousand euros.

According to investigators, during their activities, they produced about two thousand fake identity cards were allegedly issued in Denmark, Belgium and Spain.

On the trail managed to come out after it became clear that some of the terrorists involved in the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, was in possession of false documents. They have used Salah abdessalam, the main suspect in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris, as well as Khalid El-Batrawi, who along with his brother Ibrahim joined the group, committed on 22 March 2016 a terrorist attack in Brussels. As a result of this attack killed 35 people, more than 300 were wounded.

13 November 2015 in Paris had committed a series of attacks. As a result of attacks in cafes, restaurants, the stadium “Stade de France” and in the concert hall “Bataclan” killed 130 people, more than 350 were injured.