Russia is not “a banana Republic”: Medvedev called the main foreign policy mistake the US

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on his page in Facebook said that the main foreign policy mistake of the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama was the destruction of relations with Russia.


According to Medvedev, the Russian-American relationship is completely degraded, as the White house wanted “to steer” all the world’s processes, and the consequences of major “adventures” USA – Iraq, Arab spring, Ukraine and Syria the world community is watching still.


The Prime Minister also noted that despite the presence of the emotional component and the pressure of various political forces, the Obama administration had to consider that Russia is not a “banana Republic” and “these conversations with the country-a permanent member of the UN is unacceptable,” stressing that the dialogue should lead all members of the world community.

Photo: Dmitry Medvedev / Twitter