Rescuers found under the rubble of a hotel in Italy eight survivors

Italian rescuers found under the rubble of the hotel “Rugapiana” in the Italian province of Pescara eight survivors of the guests. It is reported by Rai News.

“They are alive and we talk to them”,— said the press-Secretary of the Department of fire protection Onions are brown. According to him, it two children, three men and three women. Previously reported six survivors.

At the moment, also found the bodies of two dead. Search and rescue operation continues.

Avalanche has covered a hotel on January 18. At this point, the building was occupied by 30 people. The cause of the collapse of the snow was a series of tremors that occurred in the area of the mountain massif of Gran Sasso d’italia. Three earthquakes of magnitudes ranging from 5.3 to 5.5 was recorded on the same day in the morning.