Soros saw trump the tendency to dictatorship

George Soros The policy of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump fail, and he could become a dictator. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg, billionaire investor George Soros. “I would describe him [trump] as a liar, cheater and a potential dictator. But it is only a potential dictator, as I believe that the Constitution and the political institutions of the United States strong enough… He would be a dictator if he could get away with water, but he cannot do it,” said the billionaire. Soros expressed confidence that the policy of trump is doomed to failure because of its internal contradictions, some of which represent the advisors of the elected President. Speaking about the prospects of world markets, the billionaire said that now they are at the “peak of uncertainty” that prevents long-term investment. 12 January it became known that Soros lost a billion dollars

Denmark will send 60 soldiers to Syria to fight ISIS

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen expressed the readiness of the Kingdom to send to Syria, 60 special forces soldiers to conduct operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters. “I’m glad the majority in the Parliament bowed to this decision,” said Samuelsen. He also added that the Danish military will act in the immediate vicinity of the border with Iraq. The timing of sending soldiers and officers in the area of operations is not reported. Since April last year, members of the Folketing (Parliament) has blocked the initiative of the government on the placement of troops in Syria. Currently, in the Arab Republic are teams of US special forces who are assisting the local forces in the fight against ISIS. Group of soldiers are on the territory of the country without the consent of the government of Syria

Zakharov told about Russophobic candidate in US elections

Maria Zakharova In US elections there was not a single Pro-Russian candidate, but was Russophobic. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. “No Pro-Russian candidate was not, obviously. But there was a candidate with a strong Russophobic — or if the word is not like, say, “anti” — attitude, — said Zakharov. — One candidate is clearly expressed anti-Russian views, and against this background, many felt that the second candidate — Pro. This was not. There are no Pro-Russian candidates, they’re all Pro-American”. At this, Zakharov stressed that Moscow throughout the election campaign in the US took a balanced stance, not supporting any of the participants, because they believed that it is an internal affair of the United States. Russia was ready to work with trump, and with Clinton, the diplomat said. According to the representative of the

The analyst predicted the timing of the announcement of Putin’s decision on participation in elections

Vladimir Putin About your decision regarding participation in the upcoming presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin may announce in may. This assumption was expressed by political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov in an interview with “” on Friday, January 20. “The anniversary of the signing of key documents for the development of the social sphere, the so-called may decrees, it seems to me the logical way to announce the beginning of the presidential campaign,” — said the expert. Kuznetsov believes that the application before the specified date is unlikely Putin will make an official statement. “It’s a matter of political strategy chosen by the team of the President,” he said. Earlier Friday, press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov said that he would like the nomination of Putin’s new presidential term. In December 2016 during a press conference, Putin promised to tell you whether it will participate in the election of a

Aksenov reminded of the first step of the Crimea to return to Russia

Sergey Aksenov The first step towards the return of the Crimea to Russia was the Crimean referendum of 1991, the head of the region Sergey Aksenov. The opinion he voiced at the meeting in honour of Republic Day, celebrated on Friday, January 20, reports TASS. According to him, a referendum in which 93 percent of the residents voted to restore the Crimean autonomy within the Soviet Union, became “the starting point of modern Crimean history.” Aksyonov stressed that the Crimean people for the first time had a “peaceful and organized” resistance “to the treacherous policy of the ruling elite”. “This policy has laid the basis for future conflict, which fire spread in the XXI century”, — said the head of the region. Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum. Kiev does not recognize the election results. In Moscow insist that the procedure conforms to the norms

Perm students broke respecing fizruk classmate with a tail

The Prosecutor’s office of Perm Krai will check messages in the regional media stating that the physical education teacher at one of the local high schools allegedly ordered the students to beat their classmate because he wore long hair. About it in the press-service of the Ministry informed the Agency “Interfax” on Friday, January 20. Complaints from the eighth grader or the parent has been received, the test initiated at the request of several media. The Prosecutor added that, if they discovered signs of a crime, the audit materials will be sent to law enforcement agencies. In a press-service of the regional children’s Ombudsman on 19 January, the Agency stated that the Agency can begin learning about the incident only after receipt of the complaint from the boy or his parents. A day earlier, the portal Pro Gorod with reference to the mother of the victim reported the beating of

“Y”: Volodin may return to the leadership of “United Russia”

Photo: RIA Novosti Chairman of the state Duma can return to the leadership of “United Russia”, reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the party. According to them, in the Congress of “United Russia” is planned to be re-elected for five years, all manual. According to one of the senior members of the party, the candidacy Volodin can also be considered in this Congress. This information was also confirmed by another source in the party. Official comments from the party on this issue has not been received. Earlier it was reported that Volodin has instructed to reform the state Duma website.

Obama linked anti-American rhetoric in Russia with the Putin presidency

Photo: RIA Novosti President Barack Obama expressed confidence that after the return of Vladimir Putin to the post of President of the Russian Federation in Moscow began the “anti-American rhetoric.” “After Putin’s return as President has intensified the anti-American rhetoric,” said the outgoing President of the United States on Wednesday at his final press conference. According to him, “this has led to the return of the spirit of hostility and the deterioration of relations”.

The premiere of the series “a Dog’s life” was canceled because of bullying shepherd during filming

Hollywood holding Universal canceled the premiere of the series “a Dog’s life” because the Network leaked video of the moment shots, which shows how the shepherd is forced to jump into a raging torrent of water. As reported by TMZ, a video has caused a wave of indignation among the people watching the shoot.   A dog named Hercules resists strongly, but the instructor still throws her into the raging stream. Once in the water, the dog disappears for a long time and hardly comes to the surface.   After the introduction of video on the web, the world organization for the protection of animals PETA announced a boycott of the tape. Universal announced that the dog during the shooting were not injured. Video: Pawfessor / YouTube

The meeting in Astana will strengthen the participation of the armed opposition in negotiations – foreign Ministry

Moscow hopes that a new meeting on Syria to secure the participation of the armed opposition in the negotiation process. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following the meeting with the colleague from Kazakhstan.   Agreed to continue discussions on the Syrian settlement at the new site in Astana was reached on the initiative of Vladimir Putin. Meeting scheduled for 23rd January and will be held under the auspices of the three countries – Russia, Iran and Turkey.   “The task of the guarantor countries to sit at the table the government and the delegation of the armed opposition, armed opposition, because it still was not in the framework of the UN efforts, and give them the opportunity to negotiate with the mediation of representatives of the United Nations,” said Lavrov.   Lavrov commented on and what is happening in Palmyra. The militants took the ancient city