The Communist party opposed the punishment for the denial of the events of the October revolution

The introduction of administrative penalties for the denial of the events of the October revolution of 1917 is an excessive measure, said the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Yuri sinelschikov. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti on Friday, January 20. “I, of course, cause horror are those people who deny it. But it seems to me that this is not something for which it is necessary to establish criminal liability, even administrative. (…) Here, this will be called the forced indoctrination,” said the MP. He also noted that he did not quite understand the danger of such statements. In his opinion, a distortion of history must be combated, developing the science of history. Then, says Shiyan, fewer people will deny such events as the storming of the Winter Palace and shot him on the cruiser “Aurora”. Earlier on Friday the party “Communists of Russia” proposed

Defenders Isaac was going to sue the Smolny

The layout of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral The organizers of the rally in defense of St. Isaac’s Cathedral are going to sue the Committee of property relations of Saint-Petersburg that is going to transfer the building to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). On Friday, January 20, reported the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the city Boris Vishnevsky. According to him, the activists intend to challenge in court the decision from December 30, which States that “based on the application of ROC Smolny plans to transfer the Church of St. Isaac’s Cathedral”. According to the Deputy, such treatment from the Church to the city authorities was received. “There is no statement there, but Smolny is already preparing to meet it. This is a legal absurdity,” said Wisniewski. According to the publication Today of the Neva, Smolny rejected the application for a rally in support of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which organizers

The state Duma can return to the preliminary examination of bills

Photo: RIA Novosti The working group of the state Duma headed by first Deputy speaker Ivan Melnikov (Communist party) by the end of January shall submit to the Council the lower house of the outcome document, which contained the requirements to make to the state Duma draft laws. While agreed upon two main points: the intra fractional examination of the documents and consideration of regional initiatives at the Council of legislators. Also considering the options for public discussion and use of statistical data to support legislative initiatives. The group, created at the request of the Council of the Duma included representatives of the Duma apparatus and the deputies. While party quotas for participation in the working group was not — in particular, it is not representative of “Fair Russia”, although the two are independent of each other source in the lower house assured “Izvestia” that “revolutionaries” could, if desired, to

Brawl on the plane, metro and tram will appreciate on criminal charges

Photo: TASS/Alexander Nekrasov Criminal, not administrative liability will threaten those who caused the uproar not only in aircraft but also in metro or tram. Such amendments to the bill Avialeasing (amended) the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation today intends to recommend the adoption of the second reading. It is primarily about adjusting the Criminal code. The Duma Committee on state construction and legislation modifies the second reading amendments to the criminal code, envisaging punishment for the bullies on the transport. The Committee plans to consider at its meeting on the project, which was submitted to the state Duma in the summer of 2011, United Russia, Vladimir Vasilyev (at the time was head of the security Committee) and Vladimir Pligin (he was Chairman of the Committee on state construction and legislation). The document for the second reading to change significantly. According to the preliminary version of the text, will

A hostage situation

Photo: Alexander Koerner / Getty Images The arrival of American forces to Eastern Europe, marked in Poland the extraordinary state holiday, was a continuation of a new NATO policy that emerged after the events of the spring of 2014. Which threats will be able to protect new members of the Alliance, the American team and what threats it will create itself out “”. The military threat from Russia to the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic republics have long become common place in the public rhetoric of NATO, especially in the Eastern part of the Alliance. Associate it only with the events of 2014 in Crimea and in the Donbass is incorrect: the inclusion in NATO of Eastern European countries and the Baltic States was perceived by the politicians of these States as a guarantee against the hypothetical “Russian invasion”. The events of the last three years, however, added

Director Vladimir Hotinenko celebrates 65th anniversary

The famous Director Vladimir Khotinenko celebrates the anniversary – 65 years. His name in the world of film is synonymous with quality mark, and the film is a modern classic. “Mirror for the hero”, “Muslim”, “72 meters”, “the fall of the Empire” and a dozen of works that have one thing in common – their author methodically explores the fate of Russia, depicting the portrait of our time.   The master shared with reporters new creative plans to begin shooting pictures of the Great October Revolution.   “The topic of the most difficult of all for which I was taken. We end the action when they go to Finlyandsky railway station, all the rest I do not know how crossed, nobody had seen, it was a raisin. That all said sealed train. People don’t even know which way they went,” says Khotinenko.   The Director has another big idea –

“Defeated opponent” Clinton came to the inauguration of the trump

Hillary Clinton with husband bill Clinton arrived to the inauguration on a post of the President of the United States Donald trump. In the presidential race, Clinton was the main opponent of the trump, and after the defeat, tried to initiate the recount and insisted that a competitor won in an unfair fight.   In addition, to the inauguration ceremony and should arrive the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife Laura. The 41st American head of George Bush senior forced to miss the inauguration of the trump condition.   Donald trump with his wife had arrived in the White house the ceremony of the inauguration. Operating the last watch in the role of head of state Barack Obama met trump with a smile, as they embraced upon meeting.   The inauguration of Donald trump starts today, January 20, at 20:00 Moscow time.

Men in black beat Windows in protest of the inauguration of the trump in Washington

In Washington, protesters against the elected President of the USA of Donald trump hit the stores. Unhappy with the Americans smashed cars and shop Windows. Video published on social networks.   Protesters dressed in black clothes, reports Reuters with reference to eyewitnesses. According to the Agency, they broke the window of a Bank Bank of America.   On Friday morning more than a hundred people gathered in downtown Washington on shares of discontent, particularly against the policy of trump on global warming. The inauguration of the trump will start in Washington in the near future. Video: Alexander Rubinstein / Twitter

Foreign Ministry: Venezuela implements the scenario of “color revolution”

© Mario Tama/Getty Images MOSCOW, January 20. /TASS/. The situation in Venezuela is developing according to the scenario of “color revolution”. This assessment of the events in the country on Friday gave the Russian foreign Ministry. “The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate, – said in Russian depodesta. – The radical wing of the anti-government camp, who stood at the helm of the national Parliament, increased aggressive rhetoric and took a course on “civil disobedience.” Preparations for the demonstrations planned for the coming days, which are fraught or pre-orchestrated in this way – clashes with law enforcement and provoking violence and victims.”