Obama has accused Congress of disrupting attempts to close Guantanamo

President Barack Obama accused Congress that he did not allow him to close the prison at the us military base Guantanamo Bay. As reported by The Washington Post, said in a farewell letter to Obama, congressmen and senators.

“There is no justification for the actions of Congress, by which this prison is still functioning, — reads the text. Members of Congress who blocked attempts to close on the grounds that it is necessary for our security, betrayed the trust that was provided by the American people. History with all the severity will pronounce the sentence of this side of our battle with terrorism and those of us who could not put her a well-deserved end. The existence of Guantanamo Bay is contrary to our values and undermines our position in the world, and it’s time to close that Chapter in our history.”

Barack Obama promised to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, where the criminals that threaten national security, at the beginning of his first term as President in 2009. Despite all his attempts to fulfill the promise, the Congress has consistently blocked any project on this topic. Despite the fact that most of the prisoners sent to other countries, prison is still 41 prisoners.

The US President-elect Donald trump promised that the prison will continue to work, but there will get only the “bad guys”. He did not rule out that there will be American citizens, which is prohibited by US law.