Director Vladimir Hotinenko celebrates 65th anniversary

The famous Director Vladimir Khotinenko celebrates the anniversary – 65 years. His name in the world of film is synonymous with quality mark, and the film is a modern classic. “Mirror for the hero”, “Muslim”, “72 meters”, “the fall of the Empire” and a dozen of works that have one thing in common – their author methodically explores the fate of Russia, depicting the portrait of our time.


The master shared with reporters new creative plans to begin shooting pictures of the Great October Revolution.


“The topic of the most difficult of all for which I was taken. We end the action when they go to Finlyandsky railway station, all the rest I do not know how crossed, nobody had seen, it was a raisin. That all said sealed train. People don’t even know which way they went,” says Khotinenko.


The Director has another big idea – to make a film about the Apostle Paul. However, until he found a suitable script.

Photo: Anatoly Lomohov / Globallookpress