The Kremlin responded to the accusations of Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate nuclear disarmament

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Thursday said the statement of the outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama that Russia allegedly does not want to carry on with America in nuclear disarmament talks. This statement Obama made yesterday at his last press conference as the head of state.


“We cannot agree with this statement Mr. Obama. The Russian side has always advocated a proportionate and fair process of nuclear disarmament. It cannot be disproportionate, it cannot and should not lead to the violation of nuclear parity, which is critical to ensuring global stability and security,” Peskov said.


The Kremlin also stressed that Moscow has consistently held the position of disarmament.


Barack Obama at a press conference said that he welcomes negotiations with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons, but criticized Moscow for its alleged unwillingness to lead them.