Obama wrote a farewell letter to Americans

President Barack Obama wrote to the citizens of the United States farewell letter. It is posted on the White house website.

The text begins with the words “my Friends the Americans.” Further, Obama briefly recalls existing tradition to write a letter to his successor and says that first he wants to thank Americans for honoring him to be their 44th President. “Everything I’ve learned anything during the tenure, I learned from you — says Obama. — Thanks to you I got better — as President and as man.”

In the letter, the President also recalls the sorrows and joys, which he experienced together with his people, and the achievements in the years of his reign: on the progress in the fields of medicine and high technology, the access to health services for the majority of Americans, the legalization of gay marriage, assistance to the refugees.

In the end Obama urges Americans, regardless of political affiliation, to be honest citizens of the country in which they live. “And when you feel that the progress is slowing down, remember: America is not a one man project — completes the text. — There is one, most powerful word in our democracy: the word “we”. We are the people. We will overcome all. Yes, we can”.

Presidential authority Barack Obama officially end on Friday, January 20. As leader of the state will be replaced by Donald trump. Obama himself has said that he intends to devote the coming year to communicate with family.