Gentiloni discussed with Merkel the possibility of restoring the G8 with the participation of Russia

Angela Merkel and Paolo Gentiloni

The Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel recoverability of the G8 with the participation of Russia. About it reports Corriere Della Sera.

“The proposal really is “on the table”,” — said the source publication.

However, the German manual refers to this idea negatively. “The situation in Ukraine has not changed, it remains very tense. The invitation of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin would mean acceptance of what happened in Crimea and the logic of the demarcation of spheres of influence,” — said an unnamed German official.

Earlier, on January 12, foreign Minister of Italy Angelino Alfano admitted the possibility of recovery of the G8 with the participation of Russia. “We need to consider the return of Russia in the G8, but I don’t know if it by may,” said the foreign Minister of Italy.

On August 31 last year, the head of foreign policy Department of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for a return of Russia to the G8. “Despite the fact that the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine continue, we are not interested in the fact that Russia is excluded from our club, which includes the world’s largest economy”, — said the Minister.

The G8 has ceased to exist in 2014 after joining the Crimea to Russia. Then the leaders of major world powers has refused to participate in the summit that Russia, as chair, was held in Sochi. Instead, in Brussels was held a summit of the G7 (France, UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada).