The former contestant on “the Candidate” filed on trump’s claim about harassment

Donald Trump

The former participant of the reality show “Candidate”, chaired by the President elect, Donald trump, sued him in new York court claim for harassment. This writes the newspaper USA Today.

Summer, Zervos said claim 14 of October of last year, among several other women. She accused trump that he tried to kiss and grab her in a hotel room in Beverly hills.

When trump denied the charges, counsel, Servos, Gloria Allred, demanded a retraction. Because it is not followed, a lawyer said that “time is out”. “If he just retracted his statements and admits that he behaved with Mrs. Servos, the case will be dismissed,” said Allred.

On the question of why the lawsuit against the elected President submitted it now, Allred said that it takes a lot of courage to lay claim to the most powerful man on the planet.

In turn a press-the Secretary of the trump hope Hicks denied the allegations and called the story “absurd.”

In October, several women said the harassment by trump. In particular, the annoying attentions has accused him of actress Salma Hayek and yoga teacher karena Virginia.

The Republican argues that none of these women do not sign and the Declaration or ordering of his rival in the presidential race Democrat Hillary Clinton, or the attempt to obtain “minute of glory”.

8 Oct public was the recording of the conversation with trump radio host Billy Bush. The businessman boasted that kisses of women and the lack of intimate places without permission, because he’s a star and he can do it.