Found flying the drone could fall into the sea after a miss NATO military

Found off the coast of Russian drone-the target could be in the water due to the fact that NATO military missed him during the exercise, said the chief editor of the site dedicated unmanned aircraft Denis Fedutinov.


“Judging by the pictures, the device has no damage associated with its defeat in any form of weapons. This could mean that he fell into the water due to a miss of military NATO, after all the fuel”, – the expert believes.


He also noted that to determine the exact identity of the UAV will be difficult due to the fact that it was supplied to more than ten countries of NATO, with the serial numbers of the products not mentioned in the official documents about the purchase of military equipment. Most likely, the device was used on NATO exercises Sea Breeze in July 2016.


That on the shores of the Black sea, near Anapa in the Krasnodar region was discovered unmanned aerial vehicle on Wednesday morning, reported “Interfax” citing a source in power structures of the region. UAV photos published in social networks.

Photo: EnglishRussia1 /Twitter