Primitive reflexes with the tenacity of a maniac – expert about the attempt of Kiev to rename ports

The expert in interview to TV channel “Zvezda” told about the intention of Kiev to rename ports. In the opinion of the chief of regional stability RISS Igor Nikolaychuk, is nothing more than pathetic attempts to somehow preserve and assert its importance in the world or Europe.


“For the survival of the regime in Kiev is just a severe task to find points of identity, to prolong its existence through the simplest primitive reflexes. To reject all things Soviet, which brought trouble some trouble and threw the Ukraine, with its historical path somewhere on a roadside, from Europe somewhere. Therefore, with the tenacity of a maniac, destroying monuments to Lenin, rename cities, ports, and so forth,” – said the expert.


Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan instructed the officials to rename the portswhose names allegedly threaten the country’s independence.


Until April 29 new titles needs to obtain the port “Ilyichevsk” and “South”, located in Odessa region and the port “October” in the Nikolaev area.

Photo: Caro Sorge / Globallookpress