Avakov called on the guards to “return” the Donbass in 2017

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on the Board of the state border service urged the Ukrainian border guards to be ready to attack on the uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donbass in 2017. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the MIA of Ukraine.   “A key objective of border guards this year – the willingness to de-occupation of Donbass. In 2017, the task is to reach an internationally recognised state border of Donbass”, – said Avakov.   It is actually about preparing a military operation whose goal is the return of the territories of Donbass under the control of Kiev.   Avakov also said that this would have to be police, guards, judicial authorities and border guards. Avakov said that “it will be a long-term mission.” Photo: mil.gov.ua

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the lawsuit Kiev against Russia in the international court of justice pursues political interests

© AP Photo/Peter Dejong MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The claim of Ukraine to the international court of justice against Russia for alleged violations of conventions on countering the financing of terrorism and the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination pursues short-term political interests. This is stated in a statement on Tuesday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry.

Russia will appeal the verdict of the ECHR on the illegality of the “law Dima Yakovlev”

Russia will appeal the decision of the European court of human rights (ECHR), which recognized illegal the ban on adoption of Russian children by Americans. About it on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, said Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Georgy Matyushkin. At the same time, the head of the social policy Committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky in an interview with RIA Novosti expressed confidence that Russia ignores the ECHR decision. “We have the sovereign right to make decisions within the framework of his understanding of how to build inter-state relations in this sensitive humanitarian sphere”, — he said. According to Ryazan, the closeness of the system of control procedures over the custody of children in the United States does not allow Russia to monitor how full the rights of children, despite the fact that some of them have retained Russian citizenship. As explained by

Kicked out of school adolescents invited to go to work

Vasily Tarasyuk The Deputy from fraction of LDPR Vasily Tarasyuk in the Duma introduced a bill which proposed to allow expelled from school teenagers to officially get a job. The corresponding document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament on Tuesday, January 17. The initiative involves the introduction of amendments to article 63 of the Labour code (LC) of Russia. “Persons with General education who receive General education or in accordance with applicable law are excluded from educational institutions and have reached the age of fifteen may conclude a labour contract for performing easy work not causing harm to their health”, — is spoken in the document text. In the explanatory note the author notes that now, in accordance with the current TK teen (under 16 years of age citizen) enrolled or received a General education, the right to conclude an employment contract

Aksenov dismissed the chief architect of the Crimea

Photo: TASS The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov dismissed the chief architect of the region Alexander Kuznetsov. About it reports a press-service of the Crimean government. “Release Alexander Vyacheslavovich Kuznetsov from the post of Deputy Minister of construction and architecture of the Republic of Crimea – the chief architect of the Republic of Crimea on its own initiative in accordance with the submitted statement”, – stated in the decree of the President. Kuznetsov chief architect of the Crimea in may 2015. For six years he headed the regional Association of designers of Kuban. Earlier, in November 2016, Aksenov dismissed the chief architect of Simferopol Ernst mavlyutova, who held this position from April 2015. Then at a meeting with heads of cities, he criticized the work of the Crimean architects who, in his opinion, is unable to determine how to develop coastal city. A week after that at the meeting

There is a video stuck in Chukotka courts

The situation of marine vessels, stranded at Cape Selskogo in Chukotka, is under the control of the government district and the regional emergency situations Ministry.   The group of vessels consisting of two icebreakers and two dry-cargo ships left the port of Pevek to the Archangel, but because of the difficult ice situation stopped in the East Siberian sea.   “The ice thickness is above roughly 1 meter, there is a strong compression and hummocks above 2.5 meters. Now the court is 50 km from the urban district plentywood, in the waters of the sea. Difficult ice conditions do not allow them in short time to perform pilotage and commit exit”, – said the head of EMERCOM of Russia in the Chukotka Autonomous district Ruslan Nazarov.   He noted that the situation is not an emergency. The court provided the necessary fuel and food.   On January 18 the scheduled

Spring has accused CNN in an attempt to trump quarrel with Russia

Irina Yarovaya Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya called juggling the work of CNN, who published a compilation of interviews elected President of the USA of Donald trump to his participation in the elections. It is reported by TASS on Tuesday, January 17. “Selection CNN like tattling when all a crook would like to embroil [trump with Russia] and to induce elected President of the United States to the anti-Russian rhetoric”, — said the Deputy. In her opinion, the media, rushing from the “absurd accusations of bias to preconceived written search unfriendly”.This behavior makes me doubt their credibility, added Spring. Earlier on Tuesday the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the publication of CNN, said that the American media became hysterical. Initially they tried to paint Republicans as the Pro-Russian candidate, and now went the opposite way, said Zakharov. On 16 January, the TV channel

Milonov proposes to add to the list of memorable dates of Russia

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Igor Russak State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (EP) has prepared a draft law, supplementing the list of memorable dates in Russia Day of memory of the February revolution of 1917, he reported about it to RIA Novosti on Monday. Memorable dates of Russia defined by the Federal law “About days of military glory and anniversaries of Russia”. There are currently 15, including in memory of five historical events — the day of the baptism of Rus, the day of memory of victims in the First world war, the October revolution day, the day of the great Patriotic war and after the Second world war. “That the February revolution was the true catalyst of the tragic events that defined the history of our state in the last century. Unfortunately, due to ideological constraints of the Communist era the role of the February revolution was devalued to a

More than 90% of Russians believe that the army will protect the population in case of threat

More than 90% of Russians believe that the Russian Armed Forces can protect the population in case of threat. About it RIA Novosti reported, citing a poll by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM).   The majority of Russians also believe that the combat capability of the Russian army has increased significantly in recent years – this opinion is supported by 76% of respondents.   “The share of negative answers is extremely low – only 2% believe that the situation is rather deteriorated. Do not record any change 15% of respondents”, – it is told in message VTSIOM.   In the Centre of studying of public opinion also noted that assessment of the combat readiness of Russian troops approached the maximum possible 92 percent of Russians believe that the Russian army will protect them. Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK Star