Kicked out of school adolescents invited to go to work

Vasily Tarasyuk

The Deputy from fraction of LDPR Vasily Tarasyuk in the Duma introduced a bill which proposed to allow expelled from school teenagers to officially get a job. The corresponding document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament on Tuesday, January 17.

The initiative involves the introduction of amendments to article 63 of the Labour code (LC) of Russia.

“Persons with General education who receive General education or in accordance with applicable law are excluded from educational institutions and have reached the age of fifteen may conclude a labour contract for performing easy work not causing harm to their health”, — is spoken in the document text.

In the explanatory note the author notes that now, in accordance with the current TK teen (under 16 years of age citizen) enrolled or received a General education, the right to conclude an employment contract on reaching the age of 15. However, the labour code says nothing about a 15-year Russians, excluded from educational institutions.

According to Tarasiuk, these Teens often find themselves at risk, “as separate from the collective, and their socialization device in society is an urgent task for the Russian labor legislation.” The amendments will establish equal rights between juvenile citizens on the conclusion of the employment contract, the Deputy believes.

The bill would also require written consent from parents (guardian) or the guardianship and curatorship to conclude labor agreements.