CNN recalled Trump’s harsh statements against Russia

Donald Trump

The US President-elect Donald trump to participate in the presidential race called Russia the “biggest” problem of the United States and advocated sanctions against Moscow. With this statement made by CNN, after reviewing a series of interviews billionaire, which he gave in March 2014 in the midst of the Crimean spring.

In particular, the billionaire agreed with the former candidate for US President MITT Romney, who called Russia a “geopolitical enemy of the U.S. number one”. “MITT was right, and he was also right when he said in one of our discussions about Russia: “Our biggest problem is Russia”. It turned out that he is absolutely right. Look what Russia did with Iran, as she took control of the situation in Syria and almost all other places. We thrown out from everywhere,” he said March 24.

March 3, trump expressed the view that the United States could use economic measures to the detriment of Russia. “There are many things that we could do Russia in terms of economy”, — said the billionaire, noting that Russia “is not a strong country in terms of economy”.

Later, on March 14, Republican openly for the imposition of sanctions against Russia. “We definitely should impose sanctions. And we must demonstrate the power… [Russian President Vladimir] Putin tricked [U.S. counterpart Barack] Obama,” said trump.

January 15, 2017, in an interview with Bild newspaper the Times and trump has advocated for the conclusion of nuclear agreements with Moscow in the framework of negotiations on the mitigation of anti-Russian sanctions. “Let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia. I think I’ll start with the fact that nuclear weapons should be significantly reduced”, — said the politician.

11 Jan trump during the press conference refused to answer the question CNN, calling it a “terrible organization”. Such a step, he went after a TV channel reported the existence of incriminating evidence about his links with Moscow.