Zakharova accused the U.S. of starting new arms race

Maria Zakharova

Deploying armed forces in Europe, the United States initiated a new arms race and trying to impose a confrontational model of relations, similar to the cold war. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Her answer to a media question Monday, January 16, on the Agency’s website.

“In recent years the Western media and among the bloggers actively propagated the thesis that the deployment of U.S. troops in Europe does not play any special role in military terms,” — said Zakharov. According to the diplomat, “in fact, ( … ) figures tell a different story”, and we are not talking about the so-called continuous rotation, and “long-term deployment of U.S. forces and resources in Europe, which is hardly a purely defensive”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed to the “unilateral and unlimited capacity development of US missile defense systems in Europe” and modernization of nuclear weapons. This has a greater destabilizing effect on European and global security, said Zakharov.

She stressed that large-scale deployment of the armed forces in Europe “create a new military-political reality make a substantial imbalance in the balance of power on the continent, threaten the long-term destructive consequences on the Euro-Atlantic space”.

Zakharova, in particular, recalled the transfer of the USA to Poland via the German port of Bremerhaven, about 4 thousand servicemen and 2,5 thousand units of military equipment in January. In addition, she noted the forthcoming March deployment in Germany American aviation brigade from 1.8 thousand soldiers. Part of the aircraft will be placed in Latvia, Romania and Poland.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that he sees the approach of the troops of the North Atlantic Alliance to the borders of the country as a security threat. January 12, the official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the deployment of American forces in Poland is also a direct threat to Russia’s interests.