Trump called NATO an outdated organization

The US President-elect Donald trump called the North Atlantic Alliance is an obsolete organization, as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the interview of the politician in the American press.


In the opinion of the elected head of the United States, NATO is important, but outdated organization. He said that many members of the Alliance too little pay for participation, and the organization is not sufficiently engaged in the problem of international terrorism.


Earlier it became known that trump expects an apology from the media and the intelligence of the country because of the published fake dirt.


“Thanks to Bob Woodward, who said: “This is a garbage document, he is nothing. Trump rightly pissed off about it. Chiefs of intelligence was wrong, and when people make mistakes, they should apologize.” The press should apologize too,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Photo: Pavel Nemecek / Globallookpress