Pensioner sent to a mental hospital for a cut bum

In Cherepovets city court has sent on treatment in psychiatric hospital 81-year-old man who killed homeless man and his body sawed national wealth. About it reports on Monday, January 16,

The remains of a homeless man found in February 2016 in a dumpster on the street of Gagarin. Later, the investigators found that he was murdered by the inhabitant of one of houses nearby. The man repeatedly struck the homeless man with a knife, then dismembered the corpse with saw and hacksaw, and the remains thrown away.

It was found that the suspect suffers from mental illness. Before committing a crime he’s in for a long time drank alcohol. Before the man was convicted.

In April 2016 in Sevastopol, two teenagers beat and burnt to death three homeless people. Boys 14 and 17 years old confessed and was arrested.