Trump will begin negotiations with Russia on limiting nuclear weapons – media

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is planning to start work on the preparation of the deal with Moscow on limiting nuclear arms. About this newspaper the Sunday Times , citing its sources.


“In an attempt to restart the West’s relations with the Kremlin trump will begin work on a deal to limit nuclear weapons”, – stated in the material.


According to the publication, trump intends to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik in the coming weeks after taking office. The talks with the head of the Russian Federation in the capital of Iceland will be the first foreign trip of the new owner of the White house.


Thirty years ago in Reykjavik met the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan. In the course of negotiations the country has laid the foundations for strategic arms reduction, making an important step towards ending the cold war.

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TKR “Star”