The interior Ministry responded to the rumors about full of TNT warehouses Krasnoural chemical plant

In the main Department of interior of the Sverdlovsk region said that Krasnouralsk abandoned chemical plant, where it was attacked, there is no TNT. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

In the police head office told the newspaper that the explosives manufacturing at the company liquidated in 2009.

“Media reports about the presence of TNT does not correspond to reality,” — said the head of the press center of the police cupola Valery Burnt.

Before that, on Saturday, January 14, REN TV broadcast that in the warehouses of chemical plant is a large amount of TNT.

On the night of January 13, unknown persons broke into the factory, unarmed security guards tried to detain them, but they started to shoot, and then disappeared. As a result, three employees of a private security company were hospitalized. During the attack, the criminals did not put forward any demands. Criminal case about causing of heavy harm to health.

Earlier krasnoural chemical plant produced explosives. Now it does not work. After several fires and the intervention of the Prosecutor’s office of the private owner of the plant hired the guards there, free access to the facility was terminated, indicated by “RG”.