Putin asked to fight against corruption in Mexico

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to intervene in Mexico and to stop the corrupt government of the country. The request contained in the petition in Spanish, published on the website Change.org 14 Jan.

The author of the statement under the name of Treppo Sovetiko (Freppo Sovietico) argues that the situation in the country today “is in the worst situation in history”.

“The us imperialists and the UN not doing anything besides spreading the shocking news (…) US gladly receive resources from Mexico. We need someone who are able to stop these corrupt Mexican politicians who are handing out and steal,” — said in the text.

Sovetiko also notes that the Mexico of today “bleeding from robbery and rats.” “Vladimir Putin, you need Latin America”, — stated in the end of the petition.

The appeal was signed by 4,7 thousand people.

In recent times, social tensions in Mexico have increased dramatically, particularly because of inflation and rising prices for natural gas and gasoline. In addition, the dissatisfaction of local residents is causing a corrupt government and police, who often do not hide their links with drug traffickers.