Putin asked to fight against corruption in Mexico

Vladimir Putin President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to intervene in Mexico and to stop the corrupt government of the country. The request contained in the petition in Spanish, published on the website Change.org 14 Jan. The author of the statement under the name of Treppo Sovetiko (Freppo Sovietico) argues that the situation in the country today “is in the worst situation in history”. “The us imperialists and the UN not doing anything besides spreading the shocking news (…) US gladly receive resources from Mexico. We need someone who are able to stop these corrupt Mexican politicians who are handing out and steal,” — said in the text. Sovetiko also notes that the Mexico of today “bleeding from robbery and rats.” “Vladimir Putin, you need Latin America”, — stated in the end of the petition. The appeal was signed by 4,7 thousand people. In recent times, social tensions in Mexico

Among those killed in the accident near Saratov were five citizens of Kyrgyzstan

Five citizens of Kyrgyzstan were killed in the crash in the Petrovsky district of the Saratov region, their personalities are established. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of emergency situations. Two killed, according to RIA Novosti source in the emergency services of the region — citizens of the CIS countries. Earlier it became known that in fact the accident-initiated investigation verification. The accident involving a van and a lorry occurred on the night of Sunday, January 15, at 550-kilometer road Nizhny Novgorod — Saratov. Near the village of Tarumovka the driver of the car of Volvo with the semitrailer lost control, resulting in collided with a Toyota minivan, which was moving in the opposite lane. After that, both vehicles slid into a ditch. The victims were seven people. No injuries were reported.

NATO aircraft conducted reconnaissance near the Kaliningrad region

Photo: EPA Aircraft NATO AWACS conducted a rapid reconnaissance near the border of Russia to the South of the Kaliningrad region. It is reported by Interfax, citing data from websites, tracking the movement of military aircraft. It is reported that the radar reconnaissance aircraft, tail number LX-N90447 and call sign NATO06 a long time led the exploration of the Russian territory, while in the airspace of Poland. Earlier the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said about increasing the number of flights of Russian fighter jets from NATO intelligence.

Media: trump’s representative denied the information about the meeting with Putin in Reykjavik

Bloomberg denies Sunday Times that the US President-elect Donald trump plans to hold a meeting with the head of Russia Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik after taking office.   The Agency quoted a representative of the future owner of the White house. As the official says, the information does not correspond to reality, reports RIA Novosti.   Earlier edition of the Sunday Times, citing its own sources reported that trump intends to hold a meeting with Putin in the capital of Iceland a few weeks after the inauguration. The newspaper emphasized that these data the new us leader and his transition team told the British officials. Photo: Richard Ellis / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress

Team trump has denied the information about his meeting with Putin in Reykjavik

Donald Trump Elected representative of the US President Donald trump has denied the media reports about the intention of the Republicans to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik. On Sunday, January 15, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Bloomberg. He called this information “an absolute lie”. Foreign Minister of Iceland Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson said earlier that the Agency has not received requests for Russian-American talks. However, he expressed readiness to assist in conducting the meeting. “We will look at this positively and make our contribution to the improvement of relations between the US and Russia” — leads to Iceland Monitor the words of the Minister. 15 Jan newspaper the Sunday Times reported that trump intends to meet with Putin in Reykjavik in the coming weeks after the inauguration. It was noted that one of the issues that the Republican will raise in the negotiations will be an agreement

The interior Ministry responded to the rumors about full of TNT warehouses Krasnoural chemical plant

In the main Department of interior of the Sverdlovsk region said that Krasnouralsk abandoned chemical plant, where it was attacked, there is no TNT. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. In the police head office told the newspaper that the explosives manufacturing at the company liquidated in 2009. “Media reports about the presence of TNT does not correspond to reality,” — said the head of the press center of the police cupola Valery Burnt. Before that, on Saturday, January 14, REN TV broadcast that in the warehouses of chemical plant is a large amount of TNT. On the night of January 13, unknown persons broke into the factory, unarmed security guards tried to detain them, but they started to shoot, and then disappeared. As a result, three employees of a private security company were hospitalized. During the attack, the criminals did not put forward any demands. Criminal case about causing of

The White house announced the fulfillment of Russia’s obligations on nuclear disarmament

Photo: EPA White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that Russia at the right time fulfilled the obligation to reduce nuclear weapons agreement from 2010 start-III, reports Interfax. “We have seen that Russia has taken measures on reduction of nuclear weapons, which us especially pleased. But we continue to focus on the assurance that all necessary steps are taken to protect the United States,” said Ernest. Earlier, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow counts on the implementation under the new administration of U.S. President Donald trump Russian-American Treaty on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start Treaty) in 2010.

Trump will begin negotiations with Russia on limiting nuclear weapons – media

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is planning to start work on the preparation of the deal with Moscow on limiting nuclear arms. About this newspaper the Sunday Times , citing its sources.   “In an attempt to restart the West’s relations with the Kremlin trump will begin work on a deal to limit nuclear weapons”, – stated in the material.   According to the publication, trump intends to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik in the coming weeks after taking office. The talks with the head of the Russian Federation in the capital of Iceland will be the first foreign trip of the new owner of the White house.   Thirty years ago in Reykjavik met the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan. In the course of negotiations the country has laid the foundations for strategic arms

Peskov: Moscow hopes that Putin and trump get along among themselves

Dmitry Peskov © Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. Moscow hopes that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald trump get along among themselves. “Indeed, in Moscow hope that our presidents (Russia and USA) will get along,” said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on recent statements by trump.

Madoff monopolized in prison clandestine trade hot chocolate

Bernard Madoff Financier Bernard Madoff, Creator of the largest financial pyramid in the history of the United States, monopolized in prison clandestine trade hot chocolate. On it informs TV channel Fox News, citing one of the journalists, who visited the prisoner. “He bought in the prison shop all packages of Swiss Miss powder, and then sold them at a premium in the yard for walks of prisoners”, — said the reporter. According to him, Madoff has arranged everything so that everyone who wants to drink hot chocolate could buy a drink. Madoff, a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of stock exchange Nasdaq and the founder of the firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, is serving a 150-year sentence. In 2009, he was found guilty on 11 counts, including money laundering, perjury and fraud. Madoff was arrested in 2008, when it became clear that the Fund is a