In Saratov, a man and two children were killed while riding a snowmobile on the Volga

In Saratov four people fell through the ice while riding a snowmobile on the Volga river, reports RIA Novosti. As a result, the man and two children killed, woman injured.

The message about the incident near the island of Green was received at the remote duty on Saturday, January 14, at about 18:00 (19:00 Moscow time), according to the website of the regional Department of the emergencies Ministry. According to “Interfax”, the snowmobile hit one of the washouts and fell through the ice.

By words the chief of regional service of rescue Yury Yurin, witnessed the incident became a local cottager. He pulled out of the water the injured woman and the bodies of the dead and called rescuers. “The participants of this tragedy were a man about 50 years old, two boys of five and six years and a woman about 48 years,” — said Jurin. According to him, the dead children were not relatives.

The victim is hospitalized, doctors diagnosed her with hypothermia and psychological shock.

In fact the incident police checks. At the emergency went the mayor of Saratov Valery Saraev.