Ukraine is once again conducted air defense exercises near Crimea

Ukrainian air defense units conducted exercises using simulation purposes on the South of Kherson region near the Crimea Peninsula, this was reported on the official website of the military Department of the country.


According to the statement of the Ukrainian security forces, entitled “Kherson rocketeers tested their skills in practice”, air defense units fulfilled the aerosol masking when you change the starting positions, a hidden extension in the areas of deployment and the movement of the column over long distances.


“The peculiarity of these exercises the tasks of the air defense units both day and night. Special tactical trainings were held in a tense mode with heavy use of simulation of air targets,” – said in a statement, the Ukrainian defense Ministry.


Earlier, Ukraine has conducted missile exercises near the Crimea on 1 December 2016. Then Kiev decided to hold a missile firing in the airspace of Russia in the Crimea without the consent of Moscow, which violates a number of international agreements, however, changed after the district launches.