Turkey has completed the construction of a concrete wall on the border with Syria and Iraq

The wall on the border of Turkey and Syria

Along the border of Turkey with Syria and Iraq built modular concrete wall with a length of 330 kilometers. About completion of work was reported in the Turkish General staff, reports Anadolu.

To ensure security on the 191-kilometre stretch of the southern border created by the fence of barbed wire.

It is noted that due to the measures taken over the last year prevented more than 57 thousand attempts to cross the border, and the majority of incidents (almost 90 percent) were at the Syrian site. Were detained more than 420 thousand people, including citizens of 74 countries. The majority of offenders — about 390 thousand Syrians.

The number of mercenaries trying to cross the Turkish border and join the current in Syria and Iraq the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), compared to 2015 year fell seven times.

Thanks started in August last year, the operation “shield of the Euphrates” the main part of the Turkish-Syrian border was cleared of militants, says Anadolu.

The length of the Turkish border with Syria is approximately 820 kilometers, with Iraq 350 kilometers.