Poland is on the verge of anti-Ukrainian pogroms

President branch of the human rights of the organization of Homo Faber in the Polish city of Lubin Anna Dabrowska warns that the country in fact is on the verge of anti-Ukrainian pogroms, writes Gazeta Wyborcza in Lublin. The human rights activist notes that the attitude of poles to Ukrainians was not so bad since 1989.   “Contemptuous attacks against Ukrainians… Contemptuous ridicule, contemptuous lyrics, contemptuous interpretation, this also applies to government representatives, gained control of the poles” – says Dabrowska.   According to her, the country’s entrenched attitude to the Ukrainians as second-class citizens, servants clean up after the poles.   “This stereotype is pretty firmly entrenched in the Polish public consciousness,” said human rights activist.   Dobrovska pays attention that much to the increasing confrontation between poles and Ukrainians makes the Polish government. In particular, ignoring the facts of xenophobia and racism, explains Dabrowska.   Call it another

The Dutch journalist found the bone of the deceased in the crash of MH17 passenger

The bone fragment was found independent Dutch journalist Michel Seckerson at the crash site Malaysian “Boeing-777” under Donetsk, belongs to one of the dead passengers. On Friday, January 13, according to Dutch prosecutors. “Forensic examination showed that one of the seized object is a human bone. According to the test DNA, it belongs to one of the dead passengers, whose identity has been established in 2014”, — explained in the Department, adding that relatives of the deceased were notified about the discovery. Stackers, and his colleague Stefan Beck at the end of 2016 went to Donbass to study the situation and visit the crash site of the Malaysian “Boeing-777”. Ten days later, on 7 January, after returning to the Netherlands they were stopped at the airport by law enforcement officials. Journalists, in addition to all of the materials collected, seized a video camera, camera, phones, laptops, memory cards, recorder, and

In the state Duma assessed the chances of the deputies to meet with Assad

Bashar Al-Assad Russian parliamentarians during his visit to Syria to meet with President of the Republic Bashar al-Assad. This was announced by the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Sergey Gavrilov, reports TASS on Friday, January 13. “I do not exclude that such a meeting could take place”, — said Gavrilov, who is part of the parliamentary group for relations with the Syrian Parliament. At the first meeting of the group held on Friday, the MPs discussed the issues of humanitarian assistance and the development of the political system of Syria. In addition, members noted the importance of strengthening contacts with the Antiochian Orthodox Church (the throne of the Patriarch of Antioch is in Damascus — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, in his turn, said that in the spring to visit the speaker of the Syrian Parliament

Ukraine is once again conducted air defense exercises near Crimea

Ukrainian air defense units conducted exercises using simulation purposes on the South of Kherson region near the Crimea Peninsula, this was reported on the official website of the military Department of the country.   According to the statement of the Ukrainian security forces, entitled “Kherson rocketeers tested their skills in practice”, air defense units fulfilled the aerosol masking when you change the starting positions, a hidden extension in the areas of deployment and the movement of the column over long distances.   “The peculiarity of these exercises the tasks of the air defense units both day and night. Special tactical trainings were held in a tense mode with heavy use of simulation of air targets,” – said in a statement, the Ukrainian defense Ministry.   Earlier, Ukraine has conducted missile exercises near the Crimea on 1 December 2016. Then Kiev decided to hold a missile firing in the airspace of

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress supported the beginning of the abolition of Obamacare

Barack Obama The house of representatives of the United States Congress voted for a resolution which initiates the process of the abolition of Obamacare — the health insurance program developed by the outgoing President Barack Obama. About it reports on Friday, January 13, Reuters. This decision was supported by 227 congressmen, all Republicans. Opposed by 197 members of the house of representatives. January 12, a resolution by a majority of votes approved the Senate. The document instructs the relevant committees of both chambers of Congress to develop appropriate amendments to law by January 27. According to the authors of the initiative, the elimination of Obamacare will take several months. Cancel health insurance program is considered one of the top priorities of the Republican majority in the Senate and elected President of the USA of Donald trump. 11 January, he said that he would submit to lawmakers a plan to replace

American policy compared with floppy tanker

Donald Trump The US President-elect Donald trump understands the strategic value of Russia, but cannot afford the drastic steps to improve relations between the two countries, a political analyst, researcher, Center for Euro-Atlantic and defense studies RISS Konstantin Blokhin. This view he expressed in an interview with “Tape.ru”. “American policy such nerazvorotlivy tanker. To change some global trend, it takes time,” — said the expert. According to him, the United States Congress has a very strong “Russophobic lobby” with whom trump should be considered to “not to lose political points.” In the near future possible contacts trump with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to discredit Republicans in the eyes of the senators, “to show him a puppet of the Kremlin,” says Blokhin. Thus, according to the analyst, the new American President will in any case be to develop relations with Moscow “because the US can’t do without Russia to