The vast majority of Americans considered Russia a threat

Donald trump at a meeting with voters The vast majority (82 percent) of Americans who took part in the survey perceive Russia as a threat to the United States. Among them, 84 per cent of supporters of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans. This is evidenced by the results of a joint study by Reuters and the center for the study of public opinion Ipsos. In March 2015, the proportion of those who adhered to the same point of view, was 76 percent. A new survey was conducted from 9 to 12 January in the US. Respondents were asked to assess Russia and many other countries on a scale depending on whether a state threat. In the end it turned out that the Americans consider Russia a bigger threat than Iran, Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba or Yemen. Only North Korea has a higher rating — 86 percent of respondents

In Karelia in a traffic accident with a tour bus killed a man

A tour bus overturned in Lahdenpohja region of Karelia. The accident happened on the 236-m kilometer of the highway “Sortavala” near the village of Kortala. On Saturday, January 14, reports TASS. “The driver customized the tour bus MAN that was moving on the route Saint Petersburg — Ruskeala, according to preliminary data, lost control on a winding road, the bus lay on its side. The accident killed a female passenger, four others injured”, — stated in the message. Four people are hospitalized in regional hospital. The remaining passengers were accommodated in the guest house behind them sent another bus. At the time of the accident in the vehicle were 34 passengers. At the scene staffed traffic police, circumstances of incident are established. January 5 three persons were killed and 29 were injured in the accident on the Federal highway in the Altai region. The accident occurred on the evening of

Former President of Finland told about the fate of a living gift from Medvedev

Photo: RIA Novosti Former President of Finland Tarja Halonen showed the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with a picture of a cat Maggie that he gave her four years ago. On Thursday, January 12, reports TASS. “I would like to tell you a secret — I promised to bring the Prime Minister to the picture of the cat. The cat’s name is Maggie. And I took this photo and told the Prime Minister that my cat does very well,” said with a smile Halonen, speaking at the Gaidar forum in Moscow, which was also attended by Medvedev. She said that the Prime Minister gave her a cat breed Neva masquerade, knowing that one of two cats Halonen died. “Very beautiful, with blue eyes. She grew up and now it is a full cat. It is, when I want, knows how to behave very well,” he listed the advantages of

From Russia with love: the orphanage from Latakia received gifts from their peers

Gifts from Russia was received by the orphanage in the Syrian province of Latakia. As part of this unusual humanitarian aid – toys, clothes, notebooks and backpacks. Sending Syrian children were collected by their peers: students, cadets and yunarmeytsy. Responsible mission for the transfer of gifts was performed by the employees of the Russian Center for reconciliation.   “Were transferred to the backpacks with stationery items that will help them get a better education. Also from schools and kindergartens from several regions of Russia toys and clothing,” said the representative of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria Vitaly Mielke.   And such actions in Syria have already become permanent. All the Russian officers brought to the Republic more than 40 tons of gifts for children.  

Russia and China played in extreme ice hockey of the boundary river Amur

For the first time in 60 years on the ice edge of the Amur river, was found the Amateur hockey teams of Russia and China. The last time our country played in this place in 1955.   Opening for adult hockey players made children’s teams. The guys played one period of 10 minutes. Short game ended with the score 2:0 in our favor.   Then went out on the ice adult team. And this friendly match, the victory went to the Russians. The victory was won with the score 4:3.   Hockey match right on the border of the Amur region and Heilongjiang province was intended to strengthen the friendly sports relations between the two neighbouring Nations.

The epic farce: why Ukraine is behaving like the Tugarin Snake

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov talks about how far can a rewriting of history in Ukraine after scandal with Ilya Muromets.   George Orwell “1984” the first time I read in the Soviet Union, on a thin cigarette paper in a pale samizdat copies. Yes, he was then banned in our country, because somehow considered evil in Western slander of the Soviet system. In this novel, as you probably remember, the Ministry of peace dealt with war and the Ministry of truth with lies.   Or rather, a falsification of the past. The rewriting of history. Specially trained people, including the protagonist of the novel, changed or destroyed newspaper articles, magazines, books, statistics, completely changing the story and any events. Up until yesterday. And, frankly, I did not expect to directly encounter something similar in our days.   I mean

Lavrov: Russia is ready to take the leaders of Palestine and Israel for negotiations

© Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. Russia confirms willingness to host the leaders of Israel and Palestine for talks on the middle East, the case for them. This was stated on Friday, the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine liberation Organization Saeb by Arikata.

In the bombardment of Mosul killed about 30 civilians

About 30 civilians in the Iraqi of Mosul have become the victims of the bombing of al-Jalila controlled by the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia). This is with reference to the witnesses in Saturday, January 14, according to Reuters. According to witnesses, missiles were at least three. They were dropped on January 12. The purpose was probably the home of one of the leaders of the IG harbi Abdel Quader (Harbi Abdel Qader). Himself, as reported by one of the witnesses, the building was not, but some of his relatives were killed. The Agency notes that it has no official confirmation of this statement. Who struck the Iraqi air force or the international coalition is unclear. The operation to liberate Mosul (the second largest city in Iraq) continues, 17 Oct 2016. The ground part of the operation was preceded by air strikes that U.S.

The media learned about full of TNT warehouses in the wounded closed chemical plant

Warehouses Krasnouralsk at a closed chemical plant in the Sverdlovsk region, which was attacked, is stored a large amount of TNT. Also there are other hazardous substances and cores for projectiles. It is reported by REN TV, citing its own sources. According to the interlocutor of the channel, the owner can not provide normal protection territory, which is why there is often way different people, including representatives of criminal groups. The attack on the plant occurred on 14 January. As reported in a press-service of management of the Affairs of the region, unarmed security guards tried to detain people who had entered the territory of the enterprise. “They used weapons and caused the protection of gunshot and other wounds. Now all three [security guards] are in hospital”, — noted in Department. In March 2016 at Krasnouralsk chemical plant engaged in the production of TNT, explosives, industrial and household chemicals, there

The state Duma about the idea to hold a parade APU on red square, complete nonsense

Photo: TASS In the state Duma has described as “nonsense” the idea to hold a parade of soldiers of the Ukrainian army in Moscow’s red square. This statement was made by first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on nationalities Mikhail Starshinov. His words convey the Rambler/news with reference to “the”. “Unfortunately, there are always people that have a sick imagination. This is nonsense! Russian language, he is rich, capacious. I think it describes someone who says and what says,” said Starshinov. In addition, the MP stressed that he had repeatedly heard such statements about “the victorious Ukrainian army”. A provocative statement saying that the Ukrainian army after the victory over the Russian army will hold a parade on red square, was made Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Teteruk. “Our Ukrainians are strong warriors. I sincerely believe that we will hold the parade on red square. It would