German intelligence suspected Russia of deliberately undermining the unity of the US and EU

The Federal intelligence service of Germany and the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution was presented to the German government report, which contains information about the fact that Russia is deliberately undermining the unity of the US and the EU. Relevant information published by Spiegel Online.

The work of the security services, according to the information portal, has been associated with rumors of cyber attacks attributed to Russian hackers. In the report, as the newspaper writes, they say that Moscow is deliberately trying to aggravate existing social conflicts, especially in Western countries. According to Spiegel Online, the German government has not yet decided in what form to report the results of the investigation to Parliament and the public.

On 7 January it became known that the German Federal office for the protection of the Constitution believes that the cyber attack on OSCE in December 2016, there is a trace of the “Russian hackers”. According to the head of office Hans-Georg Maassen’s, experts have evidence pointing to the involvement of the group ART 28 (another name is considered Fancy Bears).

At the end of December 2016, German media, citing the findings of the investigation, said that those who attacked the website of the Bundestag, the hackers have nothing to do with the theft of documents, and later got on WikiLeaks. According to one version, the incident involved a secret agent, who worked in the Parliament.

Stolen from the Bundestag, the documents were published by the project of Julian Assange on December 1. They had described the existence of secret agreements between the NSA of the US and German intelligence.

The hacker group Fancy Bears accused of cyber attacks on the governments of the several States. Group members wanted by the authorities of Germany, France and the United States. However, a number of governments, experts and organizations such as the World anti-doping Agency (WADA), have directly linked the activities of hackers from Russia.