The author of “compromising” on trump was involved in a corruption scandal in FIFA

The author of “compromising” on elected President of the USA Christopher Steele, was involved in a corruption scandal in the International football Federation (FIFA). As reported by Sputnik, 52-year-old Steele was the source of the FBI.


According to the portal, former employee of the British intelligence services collaborated with the Federal Bureau of investigation, providing him classified information about the actions of FIFA officials.


Originally, Steele was hired to collect records on Donald trump. “Dirt” was necessary “political opponents” billionaire in the Democratic and Republican parties. While it remains a mystery exactly who hired Steele.


Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published the name of the author of the report on “compromising” on trump. On 11 January US intelligence agencies handed over to the elected President of the country information about the alleged Moscow certain secret data on trump.


Later the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov denied the rumors, calling the assumptions of American mass media “tabloid fiction.”

Photo: Steffen Schmidt Freshfocus / globallookpress