Shuvalov called a possible date for elimination of Russian kontrsanktsy

The validity of Russian counter-sanctions could end January 1, 2018. This was during a speech at the Gaidar forum was declared by the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.


The first Deputy Chairman of the Russian government reminded that soon the world will change the political agenda, as in White house in USA will be a new administration, which will have a new kind of dialogue with the European Union.


“You know the position of our President, we are always ready to open dialogue so, how ready are our partners. But I have to think about this period, until 31 December 2017”, – said Shuvalov.


“All market players also need to prepare for it. Happens the renewal will not happen is a political agenda”, – quotes its RIA Novosti.

Photo: Maksim Blinov/ RIA Novosti