Activists have threatened to disrupt the inauguration of the trump

Donald Trump Thousands of American activists have vowed to block the inauguration ceremony of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, which will be held on January 20 in Washington. About it reports Reuters. The protesters said that they would try to block the approaches to the 12 checkpoints, which will be implemented through the access to the building of the U.S. Congress. Near him the trump will take the oath. In addition, the activists want to prevent the parade, which will be held on Pennsylvania Avenue. The organizer of the protests was a group of activists DisruptJ20. “We want to raise a rebellion in this city and across the country,” said its leader David Thurston. “We are against a peaceful transition of power, we must stop it” — outlined its position, another activist Legba Carrefour. It clarifies the Agency, all authorities have issued 27 permits for various

Identified more than 70 victims in the crash of Tu-154

The experts were identified by DNA more than 70 victims of the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defence in Sochi over the Black sea. About TASS reported sources in Bureau is judicial-medical examination. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the relatives of the victims are acquainted with the results of the examination. Work on identification of remains of passengers of the liner lasts, he added. Among the identified Elizaveta Glinka (Doctor Liza), the head of the culture Department of defence Ministry Anton Gubankov, artistic Director of the ensemble. Alexandrov Valery Khalilov, 10 crew members, including the commander of the aircraft. Also identified nine media representatives — Dmitry Rankov, Vadim Denisov and Alexander Saidov (First channel), Pavel Obukhov, Alexander Surinov, Valery Rzhevskij (TV channel “Star”), Michael Luzhetsky, Oleg Pestov and Evgeny Tolstov (NTV). According to the source, the funeral will take place roughly 14, 16 and 17 January.

A hospital ship of the Pacific fleet is equipped with modern diagnostic complexes

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS, archive VLADIVOSTOK, January 13. /Offset. TASS Marina Shatilova/. Modern diagnostic complexes, x-ray and ultrasound were installed on a hospital ship in the Pacific fleet (PF) “Irtysh”. About it reports a press-service of the Eastern military district. “In accordance with the state contract marine hospital is a passenger ship of the Pacific fleet “Irtysh” has received the newest complexes of x-ray and ultrasound, modern surgical and resuscitation equipment, equipment for laboratory analysis, anesthesia equipment and the latest life support system”, – reports a press-service.

The author of “compromising” on trump was involved in a corruption scandal in FIFA

The author of “compromising” on elected President of the USA Christopher Steele, was involved in a corruption scandal in the International football Federation (FIFA). As reported by Sputnik, 52-year-old Steele was the source of the FBI.   According to the portal, former employee of the British intelligence services collaborated with the Federal Bureau of investigation, providing him classified information about the actions of FIFA officials.   Originally, Steele was hired to collect records on Donald trump. “Dirt” was necessary “political opponents” billionaire in the Democratic and Republican parties. While it remains a mystery exactly who hired Steele.   Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published the name of the author of the report on “compromising” on trump. On 11 January US intelligence agencies handed over to the elected President of the country information about the alleged Moscow certain secret data on trump.   Later the press Secretary of the President Dmitry

Lavrov will meet with Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine liberation Organization

Sergei Lavrov © AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on January 13 to discuss middle East settlement with the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine liberation Organization Saeb by Arikata. As reported by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the meeting with Lavrov Arikata the main topic will be the prospects for unblocking the negotiation process. The same will be discussed in the consultations between Arikata and special presidential envoy on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and special envoy of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for the middle East settlement, Director of the Department of Middle East of the Russian depodesta Sergey Vershinin.

Potential Director of the CIA has accused Russia of inaction against ISIS

Mike Pompeo Nominated by the elected President of the United States Donald trump is the candidate for the post of Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo during the Senate hearing on the issue of its approval, said that Russia “does little to” destroy “Islamic state.” About it reports Reuters. According to Pompeo, Russia “aggressively asserting itself”, “invading” Ukraine and “occupying” its territory, as it threatens Europe. Also, according to him, the problems the United States, in addition to “aggressive” Russia, Iran to create a conducting “subversive politics” and China is causing “real tension”. Expressing his opinion about the hacker attacks against Democrats, Pompeo said about the “evidence” that these “aggressive actions” were made by order of the Russian leadership. Earlier, a potential head of the Pentagon James Mattis has called Russia the main threat to the United States. “Islamic state” in Russia included in the list of terrorist organizations, for

In the state Duma responded to the idea to hold a parade of the Ukrainian army on red square

Mikhail Starshinov The proposal of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Andriy Teteruk to parade “victorious Ukrainian army” at the red square felt with delirium. This point of view in an interview with “” stated the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on nationalities Michael Starshinov, Thursday, January 12. “Unfortunately, there are always people that have a sick imagination. This is nonsense! Russian language, he is rich, capacious. I think it describes someone who says and what says,” said Starshinov. He recalled that Russia has repeatedly heard such statements, “in particular about the victorious Ukrainian army.” Teteruk’s statement that the Ukrainian army is able to defeat the Russian, and then walking on the red square sounded on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” informed on Thursday. “It will be appropriate. All the wars of the aggressor country should end in the capital of the aggressor country,” — said

The Polish defense Ministry predicts the end of “Russia’s domination in Europe”

Placement of U.S. troops and NATO in Poland put an end to Russian dominance in Europe, the head of the Ministry of defense Anthony Macierewicz. About it writes RIA Novosti. American soldiers, as reported by Reuters, arrived in Poland for nine months as part of operation Atlantic resolve. It is noted that between the rotations there will be no interruptions, so the us military will be in the region permanently. U.S. servicemen will participate in exercises with the Europeans. In the composition of the brigade combat team – about 3.5 thousand military, 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers, more than 400 Humwee vehicles and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles 144. “The location of U.S. and NATO forces in Poland will complete Russian dominance in Europe… the Conditioning of existence of the Polish state by the Soviet decision, which… we had to constantly reflect, not impose any Russian veto against any actions,

Volodin: parliamentary institutions have to make decisions, hearing different opinions

Speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin © Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. Making the right decisions of international parliamentary institutions is possible only in case if in the course of their development there are different points of view. This said the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting in Moscow with Chairman of PACE Pedro Agramunt.