The court declared void the decision of the Parliament declaring Maduro to resign

Nicolas Maduro

The Supreme court of Venezuela declared void the last action controlled by the opposition in the National Assembly, including President Nicolas Maduro absent at his post. The corresponding decision was published on Wednesday, January 11, reports RIA Novosti.

The judges said that all the decisions of the recent meeting have no power, as the Parliament continues to disrespect of the Executive authority and violates the statutory regulations of your activities.

The court also in connection with the situation allowed Maduro to give his annual report on the work of the government this Sunday, January 15, not before Parliament, and the members of the Supreme court itself.

Monday, January 9, the Parliament declared Maduro to leave his post. For the resolution voted 106 deputies out of the 163 empowered. The paper argues that Maduro failed to fulfill their duties.

The Supreme court immediately declared that the national Assembly has no powers that would allow her to remove Maduro from power.

In the last election the majority of seats in Parliament received by the opposition. A political crisis is unfolding against the backdrop of economic problems caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export commodity of the Republic.