The intelligence community, the U.S. distanced themselves from the scandal with the “collect compromising information on trump”

James Clapper Director of national intelligence James Clapper said that the document, which referred to allegedly conducted by Russian security services collect compromising information on President Donald trump is not a product of us intelligence. About it reports Reuters. As explained by the Clapper, he does not believe that the leak of such a document could occur from the bowels of the U.S. intelligence community. Also, the DCS reported that on Wednesday evening, January 11, he discussed with trump this issue. Previously, BuzzFeed published alleged secret report of former agent of British intelligence on the “deep ties” with trump Russia. It was allegedly claimed that Russian intelligence has collected dirt on himself and his main rival in the fight for the presidency of Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is also said that the FSB was blackmailing trump dirt collected on him during a visit to Moscow in 2013. The trump rejected

Pozdnyakov: the sixth generation fighter needs without a team to catapult pilot

© Vitaly Nevar/TASS MOSCOW, January 11. /TASS/. A manned variant of the sixth generation fighter, work on which has already begun in Russia, must be automatic, without the command of the pilot to catapult him in case of danger. This opinion in an interview with TASS was expressed by Director General – chief designer of Scientific and production enterprise (NPP) “Star” (developer and manufacturer of life support systems for pilots and astronauts) Sergei Pozdnyakov.

It became known the name of the author of “compromising” on trump

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele made an anonymous report designed to discredit Donald trump information, according to the newspaper Wall Street Journal , citing its sources. This report of 52-year-old Briton was published on the website BuzzFeed and contained unconfirmed information. It is noted that Steele had previously worked in British intelligence, and he currently is one of the Directors of Orbis Business Intelligence. specializing in activities in the field of information gathering. As writes the edition, stil have a few days missing home, and refuses to talk to the press. WST emphasizes that none of the statements of his report is not objective evidence. A colleague of Steele, the founder of London-based Raedas involved in collecting the information, Andrew Wadsworth noted that the information gathered in the report, the Russian security services are unlikely to have given a former British intelligence officer. Earlier, CNN reported that American intelligence

Slutsky is confident that the statements trump and Tillerson in the Russian Federation calculated on U.S. senators

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky considers that the latest statements of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump and the candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson against Russia is more designed for the American audience of the Senate, than determine the vector of foreign policy towards Russia, the new administration of the White house. “The statements of Donald trump and Rex Tillerson against Russia have not yet been assessed as determining the vector of foreign policy of the new US administration towards Russia. Tillerson held hearings in the Senate, where it is the approval of his candidacy for the post of head of American diplomacy. And among the U.S. congressmen – among Democrats, among Republicans, as recent events show, a fairly strong

The court declared void the decision of the Parliament declaring Maduro to resign

Nicolas Maduro The Supreme court of Venezuela declared void the last action controlled by the opposition in the National Assembly, including President Nicolas Maduro absent at his post. The corresponding decision was published on Wednesday, January 11, reports RIA Novosti. The judges said that all the decisions of the recent meeting have no power, as the Parliament continues to disrespect of the Executive authority and violates the statutory regulations of your activities. The court also in connection with the situation allowed Maduro to give his annual report on the work of the government this Sunday, January 15, not before Parliament, and the members of the Supreme court itself. Monday, January 9, the Parliament declared Maduro to leave his post. For the resolution voted 106 deputies out of the 163 empowered. The paper argues that Maduro failed to fulfill their duties. The Supreme court immediately declared that the national Assembly has

Turchak tried the Mead from the Pskov farmer

Andrey Turchak The Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak visited a farm in the village Families, where we tried some local production. This is stated on the website of the regional administration on Wednesday, January 11. Farmer Oleg Fedorov showed to the Governor of the farm devoted to poultry and beekeeping. For mobile and stationary apiaries, as the entrepreneur, bees produce up to seven types of honey. The head of the field at a local store bought honey tasted Mead and thanked the farmer for “the work”, the report said. On November 23 last year, the deputies of the Pskov regional Assembly with the filing Turchak has adopted amendments to the regional law abolishing penalties for the acquisition, production, storage, transportation and sale of alcohol products of home making, including moonshine and home brew. At the end of 2014 widely known manufacturer of Kirov “Vyatka” kvas after the employee

The US and Russia can resume cooperation in the spirit of the 1990s – Carter

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter suggested cooperation between Russia and the United States in the spirit of the 1990-ies. He stated this at the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington, writes RIA Novosti. “It is important to keep the door open, working with Russia where our interests coincide or when they can be made coincident. There was a time after the Cold war, when Russia cooperated with the United States and other countries, contributing to the principles of international order, not undermining them… Maybe someday the spirit will be reborn,” — said the head of the Pentagon. Carter referred to the successful areas of the program cooperative threat reduction weapons of mass destruction, according to which States of the Russian Federation allocated more funds for reduction of nuclear arsenals. Then critics have stated that most of the funds was spent on the orders of the us

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the first time will meet with the head of PACE Pedro Agramunt

Speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin © Sergey Fadeichev/TASS MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin on Thursday to hold talks with arrived the day before in Moscow with three-day visit by the President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Pedro Agramunt. The first meeting

The President of Mexico, commented on the trump plans begin to build a wall on the border

Enrique Peña Nieto Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto commented on the plans elected President of the USA of Donald trump to begin to build a wall on the border at the expense of Latin American countries. On Wednesday, January 11, reports Reuters The head of state said that Mexico will seek to improve relations with Washington, particularly in matters of trade, security and migrant, however, will not pay for the construction of the fence. Earlier, on 11 January, trump has promised to begin the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico before the end of the negotiations. He suggested that the discussion may take about one and a half years. The US President-elect said that Vice-President Mike Pence “will lead efforts to obtain final confirmation of various agencies and Congress” after joining the Republican position. Trump also announced that Mexico will cover the cost of the walls in

The head of the Kaliningrad region urged to fight beavers

Anton Alikhanov The acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov proposed to raise at the Federal level, the question of the recognition of the beaver as a pest. On Wednesday, January 11, writes “Kommersant”. At a meeting on reclamation of the head of the region reported that rodents cause to the economy of the region considerable damage, namely in the field of road construction. “Therefore, there is a view that is needed year-round to issue licenses to their shooting and to take the initiative on recognition beavers harmful animals, to be exterminated at all without a license,” said Alikhanov. Program Manager for biodiversity conservation the world wildlife Fund of Russia Vladimir Krever, in turn, said that Russian legislation lacks the term “pest animals” or “animal pest”. “It’s just everyday language”, — he said. To make the discussion at the Federal level, the expert considers unnecessary. “If there is a