In Belgium arrested likely part of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels

In the Belgian town of Laeken, to the North-East of Brussels, police arrested two suspects in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. It is reported by Le Soir, citing data from the Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom. Farid K. and Meiram E. B. , as the investigators suggest, manufactured and passed fake documents to Khalid El-Batrawi, which is considered one of the organizers of the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015. Fake ID the attacker rented an apartment that ispolzovali by terrorists in preparing attacks in the French capital. TV channel BFMTV said that the same documents were removed housing, which is used Salah abdessalam, the main suspect in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Later Khalid El-Batrawi together with his brother Ibrahim joined the group, committed on 22 March 2016 a terrorist attack in Brussels. The attack killed 35 people, more than 300 were injured.

Putin has appointed a new head of Adygeya

Aslan Tkhakushinov, President Vladimir Putin and Murat Kumpilov Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the head of Republic Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov and has appointed temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the region Murat Kumpilov. The corresponding decree was published on Thursday, January 12, at the Kremlin website. The President also met with Tkhakushinov and Koumpilova. “It was ten years my work, and with Murat by Comprovam eight years. The good performance of the economy, the economy he led, he is aware of all Affairs. Anonymous we wrote the same. Worked the same way”, — said Tkhakushinov, leaving his post in connection with the expiration of the term of office. The Kumpilov thanked the President for the trust. “The team is formed — [it included] colleagues, with whom we worked for 8-9 years. People know problem know focus, will work,” he said. The head of Adygea will choose the regional

Dni’s office is putting the United States accused Russia of influence on elections in more than 20 countries

Photo: Dni’s office is putting the US said that Russia supposedly could influence elections in more than 20 countries. This was stated during the hearings in Congress. “Maybe it’s two dozen countries”, — said the DCS, James Clapper. While Clapper does not lead in an example, the elections of which countries Russia is allegedly affected. Earlier, Clapper said the lack of data on the impact of hacker attacks on voters. Congress holds hearings after the publication of the US intelligence report, which stated that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to organize a “campaign of influence” on the US presidential elections in 2016. In this campaign, according to the report, was also attended by Russian hackers and the RT.

Turkish MPs staged a mass slaughter due to constitutional reform

Turkish MPs staged a mass brawl in Parliament, when they could not agree on a package of constitutional amendments. After a verbal duel, the parliamentarians moved on to more “heavy” arguments. On it informs TV channel NTV.   It is noted that the participants in the brawl were the deputies of the ruling justice and development opposition Republican people’s party.   According to the channel, several people were seriously injured. In particular, the Deputy head of the AKP Fatiha Shahin broke his nose.   We will remind, in the spring of last year, the Turkish Parliament also there was a fight. Then the deputies discussed the issue of abolition of parliamentary immunity.  

Duma Deputy: Russia does not need the agreement with Ukraine in Crimea, the question of the status of the region is solved

SIMFEROPOL, January 12. /TASS/. Russia does not need new agreements with Ukraine in Crimea, about which eve spoke Rex Tillerson nominated elected American President Donald trump for the post of Secretary of state. The question of the status of the Peninsula has long been settled, said TASS elected from Crimea, the state Duma Deputy Andrei Kozenko.

The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the deployment of American troops in Europe

Alexei Meshkov The deployment of American forces in Europe destabilizie the situation in the region. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Alexei Meshkov, reports “Interfax” on Thursday, January 12. “Attempts to hide behind the so-called rotation principle is not that other, as a large-scale military training of NATO countries on the Eastern borders of the Alliance, and simply put, in the immediate vicinity to our borders”, — said the diplomat. On 8 January it was reported that in Poland, arrived the first group of soldiers of the armored brigade of the United States. 250 soldiers were deployed as part of operation Atlantic Resolve to strengthen the Eastern flank of NATO. The deployment of an armoured brigade of the USA in Poland should be completed before the end of the month. Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that they consider the approach of the troops of the North Atlantic

Due to the uncleared snow in the Sverdlovsk region, cancelled buses

In the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk region due to uncleared snow from the roads was closed most of the bus routes. On Thursday, January 12, reported on the website of the regional Department of the traffic police. “Suspended the movement of nearly all buses. The reason was revealed numerous violations of the maintenance of the road network: deep ruts, snow roll, snow shafts at pedestrian crossings”, — stated in the message of management. The exception was made only for long-distance buses and route 7, which runs on the middle Ural copper smelter. It is noted that such measures can be adopted in other cities of the region, since in recent times due to the poor condition of the roads has increased the number of accidents. In March 2016, the specialists of the Federal road Agency (Rosavtodor) declared that improving the quality of Federal highways leads to an increase in the

There was a video of traffic conflict ambulance with a lady driver on the Kamchatka Peninsula

At the disposal of TV channel “Zvezda” has a video recorder, which captures traffic conflict ambulance and the driver of a foreign car who refused to yield to doctors. The incident occurred on the evening of 10 January in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.   The footage shows how the ambulance rushing to a call of a dying patient, had difficulty walking on snow-covered yard and narrow passages. In one of these alleys, on the street of Tsiolkovsky, the way resuscitation is blocked by a car.   For special signals, flashing beacons and persuasion of doctors the woman sitting behind the wheel of the car, did not react. Moreover, its passenger began to demand from ambulances to provide them with the main road. The man was threatened and jumped on the hood, as described later, the representatives of the station.   However, motorists did not move until, until the paramedics not called a squad