Tuleyev has refused the award in 100 thousand roubles for victory in competition “the national hero of Kuzbass”


RIA Novosti

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has refused the award in 100 thousand roubles, which he was to receive as the winner of the contest “national hero of Kuzbass”, and asked to pass it on to the next applicant. About it reported in a press-service of the Council of people’s deputies of the Kemerovo region.

“The Governor explained his decision by the fact that when he gave consent to be nominated for the award “the national hero of Kuzbass 2016”, I didn’t know who the expert Council will select to participate in national referendums, as did not know this and the rest of the contenders. In the end, the Governor was the only political figure among the nominees. In this situation, Mr Tuleyev found the fair to pass the award in the category “Personality” the one who took the next place,” – said the press service.

The statement of the Governor, a copy of which is available on TASS, noted that he had “closely followed the voting process” and knows “that all who participated in this contest – very decent people”. Tuleyev during the online voting received the highest number of votes – 7989. However, at his request, the prize in the end is transferred to the Kuzbass athlete, honored master of sports of Russia on Thai Boxing, four-time world and European champion Artem Vakhitov, who received 1,180 votes.

In the framework of the contest “national hero of Kuzbass” is also the award in the category “Initiative” with a score of 3261 voice was a war veteran, honored worker of the coal industry Anatoly Terekhov, who has 30 years visit the places of battles and in memory of the fallen soldiers planted the cedars. As reported TASS, to plant the “forest of memory” Terekhov began after many years after the war, he managed to find the graves of their dead relatives – two brothers and son-in-law. It happened in 1983.

The winner in nomination “Professionalism” was the head of the Department of pediatric surgery at City clinical hospital №4 in Novokuznetsk Oleg Dudarenko, which account for thousands of lives saved.

Social non-profit project award “the national hero of Kuzbass 2016”, organized by the regional Council of people’s deputies were held in November 2016 in the format of online voting. In addition to the award in 100 thousand rubles, the winners of the competition receive commemorative badge. Kuzbassovtsy independently chose its national heroes by voting on the website of the project. The aim of the campaign is to support the initiatives and the good deeds of the people of the region and involve them in the process of choosing their heroes who have made a significant contribution to the development of the region, whose actions should serve as an example.