In Moscow because of gas poisoning a man died

One person was killed and three were seriously injured as a result of leak of household gas in the West of Moscow. On Wednesday, January 11, “the” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies. In his words, at about 01:35 GMT 11 Jan operational service reported a smell of gas in five-storey residential building number two at the Zaporozhye street. Arrived at the emergency rescuers found in the apartment on the third floor of four. Paramedics stated the death of one of them, the other three were rushed to the intensive care unit. The health status of the surviving doctors as very heavy. According to preliminary data, in apartment there was a gas leak, this version is now checked. At the scene arrived investigative team and the specialists of the Mosgaz. On 10 January it became known about the death in Podolsk near Moscow, two men and women

Obama nine days to the destruction of the world Zakharov

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova criticized the actions of the administration of the outgoing American President Barack Obama against Moscow because of cyber attacks attributed to it in the United States.   “God created the world in seven days. The Obama Administration on two more days to destroy it”, – Zakharov wrote on his page in Facebook.   In addition, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry has called the malicious activity of Obama on all foreign policy.   “New sanctions against Russia, the supply of MANPADS to Syrian thugs, completely pointless, but harmful acts in all directions foreign policy”, – said Zakharov.   On Tuesday, January 10, a number of senators from the Republican and Democratic parties, the United States introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia due to “interference” in the election of the American President, the situation in Ukraine and in Syria. Measures

The Cabinet considers reasonable the resumption of economic relations of the Russian Federation and the United States

© AP Photo/ Mladen Antonov, Pool, archive MOSCOW, January 11. /TASS/. The government of Russia considers a reasonable resumption of economic relations with the United States. Such opinion expressed press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalya Timakova. Commenting at the request of TASS, the draft law on new sanctions against Russia, proposed by some us senators, including John McCain, she expressed regret that such figures seek to influence not only on the will of the people of his country, but also on a vector of relations between Russia and the United States.

Nuclear reactor in Belgium is stopped because of an accident

In Belgium at the nuclear power plant “Blew” (Doel) in the accident was stopped on a fourth reactor. On Tuesday, January 10, reports “Interfax” with reference to the official representative of the company-operator NPP Electrabel. The day January 10 in the engine room non-nuclear part of the reactor “as a result of a failure between the NPP and the network of high voltage” leakage of steam. Work automation, and the reactor was automatically stopped. The incident affected employee plant. “She was gravely injured, but her life is out of danger,” — said the source. He also added that the reactor can be restarted on January 11. 20 April 2016, it was reported that the Minister for the environment of Germany, Barbara Hendricks urged the Belgian government to temporarily stop the operation of the third reactor NPP “Dul”, and the second unit of NPP “Tihange” until then, until evidence of their

Zakharov took Obama nine days to the destruction of the world

Maria Zakharova The administration of outgoing President Barack Obama has two days more for the destruction of the world than had God on his creation. Reacted to the intention of American senators to impose new sanctions against Russia, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “God created the world in seven days. The Obama administration on two more days to destroy it”, — she wrote in Facebook. Zakharova described the actions of Washington, including new sanctions and arming the Syrian opposition as “totally pointless, but harmful actions in all areas of foreign policy.” January 10, a number of senators-Republicans and Democrats introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia because of cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine and Syria. The document, in particular, foresees the introduction of restrictions for cooperation with the power structures of the Russian Federation, and also for the support of hackers. In addition, it

Rogozin had a meeting with the Prime Minister of India

Photo: RIA Novosti Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin held a meeting with the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi in Gandhinagar, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the opening on Monday, the economic forum “vibrant Gujarat”. The talks lasted more than an hour and became the first bilateral meeting with modi at the forum. Russia takes active part in 8th forum “vibrant Gujarat”. The Russian delegation included representatives of the Ministry of economic development, industry and trade, Ministry of emergency situations. The forum was attended by the representatives of the two regions of Russia — Tatarstan and Astrakhan region. At the ongoing forum trade fair presents more than 10 companies.

Dni’s office is putting the United States accused Russia of influence on elections in 20 countries

National intelligence, the U.S. accused Russia of trying to influence the outcome of elections in some 20 countries. As reported Reuters, said the Director of the Agency, James Clapper.   His statement he made at the hearings in the Senate. The head of the N. I. United States argues that Moscow allegedly interfered in the political situation around two dozen countries over the past four years.   While Clapper did not specify what countries, except USA, there is a speech. Was not provided with any evidence.   Earlier, us intelligence agencies published a report, which was blamed for cyberattacks in the US for the Russian government. At the same time Washington refused to provide any evidence, citing the confidentiality of the data. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the document, called this activity “hunting for witches,” adding that Moscow is tired of the baseless accusations of the