From Chikatilo maniac to from Angarsk: is it possible to calculate a serial killer

High-profile murders committed in Angarsk (Irkutsk region) in the 90-ies, has recently re-appeared on the main pages – this time not Newspapers, and news sites. Maniac Mikhail Popkov admitted he had committed 22 offences, which already is serving a life sentence, and even on 47 (25 episodes, he is only charged), and more than 80 murders.


The man, who was called “the Angarsk Chikatilo”, surpassed its predecessor, on account of which 53 proved murders. Catch Popkov was only in 2012, although the first crime he committed in 1994. Eighteen bloody years to figure it was only through DNA analysis. Traces at the crime scene Popkov did not leave, but among his friends no one in the head would not come that night, this smiling man meets with the girls, taking them to the woods, rapes and scores to death, disfiguring the body.


And is it possible to recognize the killer in the crowd? To this question in an interview, “Stars” said forensic psychiatrist, doctor of medical Sciences Professor Fyodor Kondratyev.


“No psycho (serial killers – approx. ed.) does not exist. Because too little material for generalizations. These murderers only a few dozen. And make some typical average performance is technically impossible. They are quite different. The difficulty of catching killers is that there are no external or psychological characteristics. The same Chikatilo has worked in the educational environment, and if you look at his films, it is the same as all. Physical signs is not in principle can not be. Because they are all different with different motivations, different intentions,” – said the Professor.


Kondratieff have a lot of experience with maniacs, they say, “all classes”. And forensic psychiatrist identified four – depending on the motives and goals that they pursue in the killings.


“The most difficult question – the ratio of conscious and unconscious actions of maniacs. Here, too, you need to start with the fact that they are all different. Some, for example, the motivation to clean the human race from the prodigal women. They were caught, were killed. Usually it was men who had the prodigal women. They started (to kill) after his wife is to avenge the feminine gender. There I saw three or four people in my practice.


Others have gotten a perverse sexual pleasure. Chikatilo told me, with some surprise, he cut the genitals of girls, who were killed. <…> It is perverted sexual pleasure, is not a mental illness. Just so happened he tragic fate. It all began in 1947, the year when the Soviet Union, in the Rostov region, happened wild the famine was cannibalism. His parents ate his older brother, and he was fed this meat to not starve to death. It is quite another.


Third, as I remember, the cannibals cannibals. It was in the 90-ies, I had two Ogre. They lured young chubby girls to his home to meet, dance and more. Then killed, cut their buttocks, the meat sold at the metro station “Yugo-Zapadnaya”. The money received from meat, bought vodka and ate. As you can see, is quite different than the previous one.


And the fourth is a true maniac who enjoy directly from the procedure murder. A common example is the Bolshevik Rosalia Zalkind, the party name which Countrywoman. She took pleasure from the fact that ritual murder. Before lunch or Breakfast her led white officers and they were shot. And then I had Breakfast. And in the evening, after dinner, before bed, she again demanded that she brought the white officers, and she again shot. Having fun, quietly fell asleep. This is a real maniac killer.


So some of the user – to catch these-then – write is not possible. Because there has never been, thank God, the generalized data, the typical external and psychological type of serial killer,” concluded Kondratiev.


Although such instructions are not present, to avoid an encounter with a serial killer will help a conscious attitude to their own safety. Popkov, for example, watched women near cafes and restaurants: the lift, smiled, showed police brown. Of those who trust in and sat in his car, survived only one.


Fedor Kondratyev. A brief biography.


Large Soviet-Russian psychiatrist, a famous publicist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, forensic psychiatrist of the highest qualification category. More than 50 years has worked at the Center for forensic psychiatry. V. P. Serbsky, nearly 30 years was the head of the expert Department. Is the title of “Honored doctor of the Russian Federation”.

Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin/ RIA Novosti