CNN: US intelligence services intimidated trump compromising, supposedly assembled to him, the Russian Federation

American intelligence agencies said that some “Russian agents” allegedly have compromising information about a favourite US President Donald trump.


As reported by CNN , citing its sources among American politicians about your suspicions about the leaders of the intelligence agencies of the United States report to the acting President of the country Barack Obama and the Tramp.


The TV channel notes that no evidence, other than assumptions you have no intelligence. However, as journalists write, that this information was contained in an Annex to the report “Russian hackers” review.


In particular, according to CNN sources, the U.S. intelligence suspects that the “agents” from Russia have personal and financial information about trump.


As underlined by the television channel, FBI checks for the accuracy of this information, obtained mainly from “Russian sources”. However, “many of the key details related to trump and set out in the memoranda are” ex-employee of British intelligence, was not confirmed.


Earlier, us intelligence agencies published a report which blamed the cyberattacks in the United States for the Russian government. At the same time Washington refused to provide any evidence, citing the confidentiality of the data. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the document, called this activity “hunting for witches,” adding that Moscow is tired of the baseless accusations of the American side.

Photo: Nancy Kaszerman / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress