The Supreme court of Venezuela has responded to the attempted removal of Maduro

Nicolas Maduro (centre)

The Supreme court of Venezuela stated that the national Assembly has no powers that would allow her to remove the President from power. About it reports TASS.

The Supreme court recalled its judgment of 15 November 2016, which States that the national Assembly should stop preparing for the establishment of a “political responsibility” of the President.

In addition, MPs are forbidden “to call for actions that violate public order and conduct, inciting against authorities and powers, and to act beyond its powers defined by the Constitution.”

Previously opposition-controlled Parliament declared Maduro to leave his post. For the resolution voted 106 deputies out of the 163 empowered. Pro-government parliamentarians left the hall. The paper argues that Maduro failed to fulfill their duties.

According to deputies from the opposition, the President is responsible for the economic and social crisis in the country, and for obstructing the work of the National Assembly, aimed at a way out of the situation.

In the last election the majority of seats in Parliament went to the opposition. A political crisis is unfolding against the backdrop of economic problems caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export commodity of the Republic.