The CEC reminded the deadline to appeal the election results to the state Duma

Ella Pamfilova and the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina (right)

Possible to appeal in court about the results of the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation expired at the end of last year. This was stated by the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina of Russia, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, January 10.

“According to our calculations the terms expired in late December — in 20 days… In any case, the decision of the CEC on election results is being appealed within three months,” explained Grishin, commenting on the petition of the party of national freedom (PARNAS).

The CEC Secretary said that the question of voting is within the competence of the Supreme court. According to her, the court will first consider the procedural aspects, in particular the claim term.

Earlier Tuesday, the people’s freedom party (PARNAS) has appealed to the Supreme court the claim about cancellation of results of parliamentary elections. On the organization’s website States that the application was sent to the court, “the last day of the legally stipulated period (counting from the date of the official publication of the results in the Bulletin of the CEC of Russia on 7 October 2016)”. On Tuesday, January 10, he was placed on the court’s website.

On 29 November the Supreme court refused to recognize the illegal decision of the CEC on the results of the elections to the state Duma at the suit of the party “Yabloko”. The organization also demanded to cancel the results of voting from-for violations allegedly committed during its implementation.

In the elections to the lower house of Parliament, passed September 18, was attended by 14 political parties, including four (United Russia, KPRF, LDPR and “Fair Russia”) was designated as the lists and in single mandate districts. None of the non-parliamentary political Association is not included in the state Duma. PARNAS in the elections gained only about 0.7 percent of the vote.