The passengers on the train Gelendzhik — Moscow spent 15 hours in the car without heating

The passengers on the train Gelendzhik — Moscow has spent more than 15 hours in the car without heating. On Monday, January 9, reports TV channel “360”.

The composition in question, went from Kirov at 23:58 on 7 January and arrived in the capital the next day around 17:00. According to TV channel, the temperature in one of the cars was 11 degrees.

“Snow in the car doesn’t melt, toilets and Windows are freezing. Never slept in the jacket on the trip, wrapped up in all that is, but first time for everything”. — told the passenger Svetlana Kruk. She claims that while driving the temperature outside was below minus 35 degrees.

It is noted that the head of the train did not come to help which was part of the people, leaving the answer to their questions. The Federal passenger company has promised to investigate the situation, but doubted that expressed by the clients version of events is fair.

During the new year holidays in Moscow region came severe frosts. So, on the night of 7 January in the capital region had dropped to minus 33.4 degrees. The meteorologist then announced in Moscow last, the “orange” level of risk due to weather conditions. In the airports of the capital was delayed more than 80 flights, reports the Federal news Agency.