The militants “an-Nusra” have left residents of Damascus without drinking water

The militants of banned terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra” have left residents of Damascus without drinking water. The siege continued for more than three weeks. The President of Syria said in an interview with French media.


According to Bashar al-Assad, the water in the valley of the Barada, which feeds water to the Syrian capital, the extremists blew up at the end of December. Then passed to them pumping station “Ayn-al-Fiji”.


“The task of the Syrian army – the liberation of those territories, in order not to give terrorists, using water to “strangle” the capital”, – quotes words of the President of the Syrian national Agency SANA.


Assad said that the Syrian army in the valley of the Barada acts in accordance with the agreement on a cease-fire. After all, according to that agreement, the ceasefire does not apply to terrorist groups “dzhebhat an-Nusra” and “Islamic state”.


We will remind, yesterday evening, government forces resumed the assault in the valley of the Barada. It happened after was broken the talks and violated the accepted agreement.


The seventh of January, the command of the Syrian army with the help of mediators were able to negotiate with the militants. In the framework of this agreement the latter had to give engineering teams access to the water to recover it. In response, the Syrian army was ready to provide safe corridor for everyone to leave the suburbs of Damascus and heading to Idlib on the principle of Aleppo.

Photo: Ammar Xinhua / Globallookpress