In Grozny to protest against ISIS burned portraits of al-Baghdadi


RIA Novosti

In the Central square of Grozny held mass protest against the terrorist group “Islamic state”, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the city administration.

“Rally, initiated by parents whose children have been recruited by the radicals of ISIS, took place on the square in front of the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”, – said the press service.

In the city hall added that in his speeches the Chechen community have expressed indignation at the actions of IGI its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“The participants urged the youth of Chechnya not to succumb to the propaganda of extremists and often listen to his family and friends”, – noted in press service.

The event lasted several hours, at the end of the action, the protesters burned banners with the symbols of ISIS and portraits of al-Baghdadi.

In December 2016, in Grozny there was an attack on police officers. The IG has claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Islamic state” terrorist group, whose activity is banned in several countries, including in Russia.