In Berlin thinking over granting asylum to victims of right-wing

Andreas Gisel

The government of the Federal state of Berlin does not exclude the possibility of reviewing applications for asylum migrants affected by the actions of the far right. This was stated by the Berlin Senator for internal Affairs, the representative of the party SPD Andreas Gisel in an interview with the newspaper Tagesspiegel.

So, under the new law, immigrants witness the attack or the victims of the attack will be in the country up until the ongoing trial, after which they are likely to be deported. In some cases after the trial they will be granted asylum.

Geisel noted that such a decision should be a “strong political signal” for those who commit racially motivated crimes. “Those who have been subjected to violence from the extreme right will be two times more protected and not subjected to deportation”, — quotes the edition of his words. A similar law has been adopted in Brandenburg.

From January to October last year, there were 800 attacks on shelters, inhabited by migrants. In 2015, the number of such crimes has exceeded a thousand, said The Local.